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iPhone & Android App Help

Cure Stress iPhone And Android App Support

Download The Cure Stress App from The Itunes Store and use the exercises on your iPhone or Android. The exercises and audio will play over a 3G or Wi-Fi connection.

For Support Or More Assistance Click Contact FHU Below

Player Help

Video is too large for my screen:

If your display settings are set to 800x600 or less you should change your display settings to a higher setting to see the entire screen.

Changing Screen Size in: Windows 98, 2000 and Xp  - In Windows Vista

Player won't appear or play:

  1. Install or update Adobe Flash player to version 9 or higher at: 

  2. Internet Explorer users check to see if ActiveX is enabled. For information on how to check and enable ActiveX. Click here

  3. Try, or install, a different browser. Often it is easier to install a new or different browser then to correct your Internet browser settings. You can download other Internet browsers free at the following links: Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Internet Explorer

Intermittent or choppy video:

  1. Close other programs that may be using the Internet.

  2. Restart your computer and try playing the stream again.

  3. Clicking the "pause" button on the lower left corner of the player for up to 45 seconds may help to buffer the stream.

  4. Check your computer's load: Windows Users: Right click on your taskbar and open your task Manager, Click on the "Performance" tab. If you are close to 100% CPU usage, your system may not be fast enough to play this video or some other program may be using too much of your computer's processing power. Try closing all unneeded programs and Internet browser windows.

  5. Re-start or re-power your DSL or Cable Modem. If you are on a wireless connection make sure you have a strong signal.

  6. Test your internet connection. You will need at least 500kbbs of download ability to view this video smoothly. That typically means you need an internet connection rated about 640k download for smooth video.

Internet connection test sites: (Advanced connection and computer tests) 

Technical Support:

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