Giving Up Excuses - A Gift That Keeps on Giving

Roy Masters

Ask anyone, even yourself, "Have you ever made an excuse?" The likely answer will be, "Of course, doesn't everyone?" Do you really understand all that such an excuse-for-all-excuses implies? It is that you have taken in the same nature of someone you once hated for their excuse, and covered up your shameful behavior exactly as they did. 

Have you become another miserable excuse for a human being, hiding hateful frustration toward a parent or spouse with fake or begrudging love for your own children? 

When sin makes a home in you, it comes packaged with a plethora of excuses, guises and justifications, every one of them designed to project hurt and then perhaps to come to the rescue. Every hurt-and-rescue game is the same wicked thing, but with different faces.

Injustice hurts and then implants itself through your resentment; the rescuer “saves” by nurturing what their hate planted, thereby cleverly creating a bond-slave relationship that you cannot live with, or exist without. Where dead bodies are, there do vultures flock.

The power-hungry thrive on those who crave their blood-sucking approval. 

"Of course, doesn't everyone?"

Without appeasers, there could be no terrorists, and no wars of any kind. Seeking false peace through “self sacrifice,” appeasers cause men to die for freedoms lost on account of them.

Therefore, people-pleasing nurturers are far more guilty than the security-giving tyrants they marry, befriend and politically elect. 

Having read this far, you should realize by now that making an excuse for yourself and others has a double whammy. Being upset and making excuses confuses the innocent and backfires on you.