Getting Down To Basics Part 3

Roy Masters

continued... We are a chain gang of miserable people, and when a person grounded in faith stands up, it's like waving a red flag in front of a bull or holding a cross to a vampire. It is terrifying to the whole human race that is marching to those other marching orders, especially those at the top, the most vile and dangerous ones who managed to get there through their skills in manipulating and degrading and transmitting their will on earth as it is in hell. 

The point is that you either bring forth the good in you because you can see clearly what that good is, and even if you can't, if you are confronted by various temptations and pressures and intimidation's, the evidence that you have found this union with your Creator is that you cannot be used as an instrument to bring forth "something" else's will on earth as it operates through an intimidator. You will live what you can now honestly call your own life. 

There are just two kinds of "own lives." One is the life of surrender, of union with the divine. The other is the surrender to temptation, becoming subject to the foulness of the various stresses of life that are also capable of giving you an identity. In this life, you tend to become bonded with that which has corrupted you, and as you have heard me say, you embrace your corrupter. 

You think you love what is violating you. You think you are living your own life. You have also become infected with the disease called pride. You have fallen from grace, even if you are a child. You may be intimidated by your parents or your siblings or your teachers, and in allowing it, you lose that wonderful magical ability to bring forth good. Instead, you bring forth the wickedness, and even little children intimidate one another into submission by tormenting one another unbearably. 

What I would like to teach you, ladies and gentlemen, is the art of not allowing others to intimidate you. All kinds of illness, mental illness, conflict, fear, anxiety, drunkenness, alcoholism, drug addiction, and violence will cause your nature to undergo a metamorphosis, because as you become intimidated you are losing something of who you are. You are losing who you are and becoming what it is, and you think that is who you are. You will defend what you are becoming. You will make excuses for your behavior, and those lies will become your truth. The lower you sink, the more you will defend against the light. 

The Light will become your enemy--that very truth you left behind, that good you could have brought forth is now your adversary. Conscience is a punisher. That is how it seems to you, but not to me, of course. I will show you what that union is. Your preachers will talk about it, and you can read about it in your scriptures, but how to find that union is a thing of great mystery. I hope that I have given you a tiny clue to help in your search. In each moment of life when you are pressured and you don't fall, you will bring forth the good, but if you do fall, you will bring forth the wicked. Obediently, either way. 

The evidence that you are beginning to love God is that you are developing a resistance to intimidation, the degree to which you react to the forcefulness of others is greatly diminished. You are learning how to obey, to be calm, to be centered under trials and tribulations. That's how you become a real man, real woman, a real person. That is how you grow to bring forth good. If you respond to the outside world, it means that you are not anchored to the inner. 

Both worlds have their origin in the invisible. The cruelty that operates through people is not just a people thing; it's evil that gets into people, and people are indelibly impressed with evil almost from the day they are born. They are not conscious of it; neither do they want to be conscious of it. But if you can remain conscious and not fall from grace under the intimidation and pressure of others, so that they cannot inject their way and their life and their purpose--their will--into you, they will feel threatened. They will see a contrast to the life they have led, and your mortal life can be in danger, as was the cause with Jesus and other avatars. 

"you can make the invisible kingdom

of heaven visible on this earth"

No good can come into this world through you if you respond to pressure, if you are intimidated by cruelty and you get angry and upset and you fall. You start obeying the pressure source and you cannot obey your conscious, so that conscious will follow you as a punisher. But it is not a punisher; it is a redeemer. It depends on how you look at it. You can bring forth good into this world, you can make the invisible kingdom of heaven visible on this earth--just as the whole universe came into existence from what is not seen, the "no" thing that became a something, we have the power to override the forces of nature and use them to build something on top of them, a kingdom of heaven on earth. But it cannot happen if you respond to pressure. If you do, it means that you have not found the allegiance to Him who made us all. The fact that you respond to pressure brings you into union with that pressure and you will bring forth the agenda, the ideas, whether they are visible or subtle, and they will shape you in conflict with the divine and you will suffer conscience. That's why so many retreat into drinking and smoking to escape the consciousness they see as the enemy. You have a tendency to embrace what has corrupted you because that is who you are now. you will embrace the most loathsome people and things with a strange fascination, even stranger as you become more demented. In order to live the kind of life that will enable you to bring forth the good, you have to separate from the sin. In other words, you have to be saved from bringing forth the bad, and saved from responding. 

The simple fact is that you cannot serve two masters. You serve one or the other. You cannot ride two horses, and you can't stretch two bows. So whenever you are confronted, if you respond to it, you separate yourself from the knowing and a doubt comes into your mind concerning that knowing. Not only that, you are re-enforcing some other agenda. For instance, if someone in your family was cruel to you, and you make up your mind to be good, then whenever you are under pressure you are going to be the kind of good that is opposite to the thing you hate, and the hate will only re-enforce the kind of "good" that isn't good. As a result, you become the servant to all the wrong kinds of people. Do you see what I'm saying? Your idea of what good is under pressure is not always good. It may be tainted with ambition and trying to impress your dad because you hated him so much that now your whole goal is to prove to yourself and others that you are not what they thought you were, or something like that. But, if you put anything, no matter how noble it might be, ahead of what is right--whatever right is, waiting to unfold in that moment--you are unable to bring it forth. You will bring forth something else, and sooner or later, it will catch up with you.

Maybe not the first time, or the second, or the thousandth, but all of a sudden your life falls apart. I hope you understand what it means to live from faith. As I've said, even my whole family, none of them, understands yet what I have just said to you, but they are getting there, and it may take a while for you to get there, so don't sweat it. Don't get disturbed. You have to start somewhere. The journey of a thousand mile begins with the first step. Right? It takes a longing for this world to which I am alluding to bring it forth. Do you know that you are a captive, stuck as a slave to sin, bringing forth that which is loathsome, vomiting in your own beer, yet unable to stop drinking it? So you see your own hypocrisy? Your own shallowness? If you do, maybe I'll be able to help you. 


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