Getting Down To Basics Part 2

Roy Masters

continued...Paradise or Hell, it all depends on those two laws. Actually, there is only one law, because out of loving God springs the ability to love another--out of the one, plus the one, makes two. Now, because you already know that two and one make three, you can take another step on the path of enlightenment. I hope you see the point. Whatever the goal you aspire to reach, in science or in theology, the first step is a wholehearted love and joy in submission to the source and Creator of all that is , was, and will ever be. Until you are willing to toss the last trace of worldly desire and ambition into the wind, you will be weighed down by the trappings of the society built by the created ones who are foolish enough to think that they can replace their creator, and you will be unable to take that first step into the kingdom of god. 

Have you ever heard of winning by intimidation? Let me see if I can take it from a more practical, non-metaphysical point of view. There is a book called "Winning by Intimidation"--I never read it, but it implies that you can have you way by intimidating people, and that's true. A good salesman can overpower you, intimidate you, confuse you and confound you, and have his way with you--or, so he thinks. but there is no "his" way. There is no "your" way. There is either God's way, or that of the other fellow, the one with the horns, and his way operates through people. Both ways operate through people, depending on the inclination of the soul. 

Now you have either found a way to bond with your men, or your women, or your child, who needs to identify with a group or parent, the world, or what is to of this world: the Creator himself, the Invisible, the not seen. And we are of the not seen. What is seen is made by what does not appear, except as it reveals itself in the bonding. In other words, the whole universe came into existence in the twinkling of an eye--they say, with a big bang, which is nonsense--but however it came about, it is quite remarkable, a miracle, even so. However it all began, I am saying that whatever is visible, everything you see, is made by what you do not see, by what does not appear. 

"the first step is a wholehearted love and joy in submission to the source and Creator..."

Everything is made of nothing, but it's not "nothing." It is "no thing." It becomes things. If you can understand the whole material universe, all the laws of physics behind its coming into existence from the invisible into the visible, from the nothing to the some thing, then you see that the same process operates on a higher level through man. Only man has a consciousness, a soul, which can bond--that is, unify itself, become one, have an allegiance with Him who created him. The only entity in the universe that has a choice to be anything other than what God ordained it to be is the soul of man. If everything else had a free will, if an atom had a free will to be something other than an atom, the whole universe would cease to exist. It has to be what it is. Only man has this choice to be or not to be, to be one with Him, to love Him who we cannot see, but whose presence we recognize in what we do see, or not. We can close down our perception. And we can play god through ego--the I. We can live in a mental world and escape into our fantasies where we see ourselves being worshipped and loved. 

We see ourselves sitting on a throne, a legend in our own mind, riding a white horse, catching hand grenades with our teeth, and thus we play god. That's the choice in the spirit. We can love Him and become bonded with Him who we cannot see but know by what we do see, all that which appears, made by what does not appear. We can have faith, the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. I'm expressing a very important thought here, a principle. Once you can find a way to bond, to submit your ego, your pride, to His will, and give up your willfulness, your rebellion against God to be like a god in your own mind, you are able to bring forth good. you can be creative, truly creative. you become one with Him, and that oneness, that surrender, that unity, brings forth the hidden things. The eye hath not seen, nor the ear heard, nor has it entered into the heart of man what God has prepared for those that love Him. 

Now I've laid a foundation to express the law of loving God and your neighbor as yourself, which is the most mystical, most important, most powerful force on the face of the earth; and failing that, you are left with misery, suffering, disease, war, famine, foolish decisions, because you lack the insight to know where to aim, the ability to be response-able. That is to say, able to respond to what is right in your heart and bring it forth. In other words, your emotional response indicates just how far away you are from that law. the more easily intimidated you are, the less you can function out of the good that is latent in your soul. And the more you will bring forth the will, the agenda, of those who intimidate you. But those who intimidate you are fallen beings also. they are under marching orders. They do not have a life of their own, but they steal life, even as their life has been stolen from them. They have become subject to that which has intimidated them, and they have been remolded in a bizarre sort of way through their mind from within, and they are compelled to hurt and degrade others, to transmit the hell on this earth faithfully in order to gain some modicum of satisfaction in life by knocking others down in order to build themselves up through manipulating and confusing others as they download their own agenda into their victims. ...continued


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