Perilous World Radio 01/29/24

Get Your Mind Out of the GUTTER!

Alan Masters hosts today's show, and he begins by saying that we should question everything. This is also the topic of his most recent Sunday conversation. Today he didn't really feel like coming in and hosting the show, but in times like these, a little angel nudges Alan's conscience and encourages him to move. 

Alan spoke of a friend who he spent some time with at a recent event. The friend's behavior was often "piggish" in the past. Years ago, Alan told the man that he didn't want to be around him if he was going to be like that. And years later the man came back into Alan's life, much more appreciative of Alan, and wanting to lead a good and decent life.

Alan's journey now is to be free from the world and all it offers. He no longer wants to condone dirty jokes just because "they're funny." Alan has seen "the top" in his life, but ultimately it is unsatisfying. He says that nothing in this world fills the void of a relationship with our Creator. God is waiting for us to stop our foolishness and come back to Him. He encourages us to BE what we talk about, to let our life SHOW who we are. 

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