Perilous World Radio 01/23/24

Free-Range Kids

Dianne Masters, the only daughter of Roy Masters, talks about one of her favorite topics—raising kids. She lives in Texas, where she says there are a lot of "free-range" kids in the countryside—whose parents let them roam free on their land. Dianne believes these kids—because they are given the freedom to discover--generally are better off than those raised by parents trying to raise "perfect" children.

Dianne also believes that home-schooled kids are much more curious than public school kids, who have often been "set up to fail." That it's the bright, hard-working kids who can teach us in the end.

Later in the show's first half, Dianne discusses her daughter, who—out of necessity—taught herself about nutrition and restorative farming. One of the things she found is that older people need more fat and protein in their diets. Dianne's dad, Roy Masters, was very intuitive and included a lot of fish, red meat, whole-milk products, and other foods for his family that science later found to be nutritious.

Dianne also discusses the "range wars" raging in Texas at our Southern border and how the mainstream media has convinced Americans to be too polite and allow their country to be overwhelmed with "migrants." She believes the media needs to be held responsible for their lies and for pitting Americans against each other.

Dianne urges those who watch and are helped by these programs to donate to help keep her dad's organization (the Foundation of Human Understanding) alive.  Go to to donate any amount. Thank you!

And be sure to check out Roy Masters' "Be Still and Know" meditation exercise if you seek more clarity and peace of mind. It's amazing!


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