Perilous World Radio 01/31/24

Free-For-All Wednesday

Today, Alan Masters is joined by Perilous World Radio Chief Engineer Mike Jones and PWR Producer Patrick Rooney. It's a "Free-For-All Wednesday" with lively conversation!

Alan begins by bringing up the late author and "influencer" Norman Vincent Peale, and his famous book, The Power of Positive Thinking. President Donald Trump and his father used to go to Norman's church in New York City when Donald was young, and it had a major influence on him. A discussion ensues about the validity of "positive thinking." It's not so much the "thinking" that is positive, as thinking can be a trap, but it's another quality of positiveness that is where the real power lies. Alan's father Roy Masters taught a meditation exercise that allows one to find this positive quality within him or her self. Go to to check it out!

In the "Patriot Outreach" segment, Col. Tony Monaco (Patriot Outreach Founder) and his guest, Attorney Reese Lloyd, discuss the "No Va Resources for Illegal Aliens Act" Attorney Lloyd says that over one million U.S. service veterans are waiting on claims, while this administration is siphoning off funding to treat illegal aliens. Patriot Outreach offers confidential and effective help with anger, stress, pain, combat stress, and even P.T.S.D. Go to to find out more about their work, or to donate.

Alan urges us to get out of our "cocoons" and communicate with our neighbors. We can bring others over to a better life by living our lives in a better, more effective manner. Go to for more information on how we can help—and how YOU can help us do it!


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