Flawed Heroes

Roy Masters

Most little girls, before they are badly used by some man, dream of finding a strong, loving man—just and trustworthy in all things—a man who will be truly concerned, non-using, protective.

Surely any little girl can see herself responding to such a man with true love, bearing his children, serving him faithfully, following him to the ends of the earth. But before you can show me a man who fits that description, I can show you a chicken with teeth. 

Somewhere along the line, our little girl, too, gets caught up with the lure of romance, as promoted by the movies and magazines. She finds herself drawn to the flawed ones.

Most women simply cannot resist the appeal of the fallen man’s wounded ego, the silent cry that wakens her maternal instincts and builds up her ego. In this romantic arrangement, she gets the catbird seat.

Somewhere along the line, we should be able to discover the truth of just about anything, if not through wisdom, then through experience. But some people seem determined not to learn from experience. To them understanding never comes.

They marry for the wrong reason and thus evolve a living hell, in which the less physically powerful partner, the woman, uses the time-honored principle of seduction she acquired from the serpent.

By encouraging and slyly yielding to the part of man that is rebellious to God, she gradually transfers his loyalty to herself. Or, it would be more accurate to say, to the principality she represents consciously or unconsciously, willingly or unwillingly. 

When you humble yourself in the service of another person’s weakness, agreeing with him in all things and building up his ego, it’s only a matter of time until he becomes so dependent on you, the servant, that you emerge as the master, with the right to make demands on the creature you have weakened through your service.

But to conquer by this technique, you must be very persistent. Never go along with the sensible and good, only with the bad. If the intended victim appears to be self-possessed and flawless, then you have to find some way to topple him.

"Most women simply cannot resist the appeal of the fallen man’s wounded ego"

Needle him into a rage by deliberately misunderstanding or ignoring what he is trying to tell you; then, when he is good and mad, turn around and comfort the madman he has become, lovingly, like the mother suckles the child, secretly intoxicating yourself with the nectar of power.

This is a favorite trick of all tyrants, manipulating mothers, and cunning wives. 

Instead of letting a child discover for himself that it’s cold outside, and then offering to help him on with his warm coat, a falsely-loving mother wills him to put his coat on, “for his own good,” causing the child to react badly as he “wills” back.

Mother’s frustration either overpowers the child or causes her to give in to his “willfullness” and let him have his way.

Mommy then hugs him to soothe the madness, her own nature actually, that she has implanted in him. This is the way in which all impatient, manipulating mothers ruin their children, putting a nature in them that will always cry to a mother for comfort and salvation, instead of crying to God.

Thus, the spirit of a mother sets a male child up to cry out to another woman’s spirit, in the form of a wife in whom the serpent of old still lives.

Men who have learned to be woman-needful in this fashion can always find a woman to answer those needs, and even though a man can sense that his use (and abuse) of women is leading to his downfall, he remains under a compulsion to look for salvation in the arms of women.

And, of course, there can be no real love in compulsion, so he hates them all, and he even hates himself for his needfulness.