Feeding Your Ego

Roy Masters from 'Eat No Evil'

A wild beast, having no ego to feed, rarely—if ever—overeats.

Man, on the other hand, thanks to the sin of pride, has descended so deeply and guiltily into his animal nature that he now finds it virtually impossible to feed his physical hunger without at the same time satisfying and reinforcing the ego cravings of his descended being.

To become temperate in your ways, you must find the way to give up ego involvement with your food. Surely, the ultimate fast is not food denial but ego denial, and you may well ask, “How is such a thing possible?”

The weakness for food that has been imparted to us, encouraged and condoned by our culture, has become so much a part of our lifestyle that few of us come to know the joy to be found in triumphing over the ego’s involvement with food as a source of pleasure.

Test it.

See if you can become objective as you eat. Of course, as long as you are guilty of the sin of pride, you will not be able to become truly objective, to your eating or to anything else.

You will be eating to escape reality and to build up your ego and, also, to escape the guilt of doing so.

However, if you can let go of enough egotism and pride to get beyond the fear of dying, you will be able to catch glimpses of my meaning.

You came into the world in a relatively pure state, but a combination of food and emotionality soon caused you to evolve a dual nature: the inwardly related nature, the “you” of your birth (the real you), and the outwardly related animal nature (the “not-you”) that is so dear to our decadent society.

It was this latter nature your mother unwittingly served as she rocked your cradle and prepared your food, passing along as she did so, from her generation to yours, the food-addicted, death-oriented spores of pride to sustain your sibling (not-you) nature.

"To become temperate in your ways, you must find the way to give up ego involvement with your food"

As a result, the real you didn’t grow up at all—it (the not you) did. And have you noticed how the more you feed a hungry ego, the hungrier it gets? It can never be satisfied.

In my writings I have endeavored to show by examining and exposing your current habits how the human race descended via a food/woman-based rebellion against the ultimate authority (God) to the egocentric, sensual way of life we are now caught up in.

Glorifying the present man/woman arrangement is the pervasive serpent-based system of culture we call civilization, headed by female-imprinted male leaders, deceivers, and liars to the core.

Young people love to hate these authorities with whom they are hopelessly caught up in a deadly pattern of rebellion and conformity.

Descended man craves worldly love; descended woman has learned to crave a falling man’s passion for her.

He needs the emotional excitement awakened by her lie love, and she lives on the miasma of his emotional decay. A woman evolves

her female nature as she falls into a dependency on a man’s weakness, and she soon becomes addicted to her feelings of contempt for him.

As he sets her up to be an object of use to support his ego, she is compelled in self-defense to set him up to fail through the lying love he demands of her. A man can always be counted on to fall for food and sex, and he falls to sex through food.

As he indulges his craving for food and sex, it doesn’t take long for him to develop other contemptible weaknesses.


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