Fear & Hostility

Roy Masters from 'How To Be At Peace With Your Problems'

Mankind is observed frantically struggling to cut off his emotional reaction to external pressure in very foolish ways.

Except through the process of involution that has been prepared for us, there is no way to do this without severing our life line with nature and life. 

In other words, if the animal cuts off his relationship with the stimulating feelings of life, he would die. If we cut off our relativity to nature, to overcome our reactions and fears without replacing them with a new energy stimulation, we would also decay. 

Man, without a new relationship, finds only an unsatisfactory one-sided relationship with Mother Nature; that emotional stimulation that he needs yet prods him away from purpose.

This process is perfectly healthy for animals, who can never hope to become more than part of the evolutionary process.

Man should aspire to be someday more than an evolving, changing beast. Unfortunately, each man is strangely tempted to stay on top of creation, being beneath nothing. 

His ego refuses to acknowledge higher principles beyond his mind. Even though he may give pious lip service to a belief in God, he is like a neurotic husband who feels guilty for the secret hatred of his wife, and compensates for this by vehemently championing her cause. 

So man, feeling guilty about higher principles he has secretly denied, will often fight for and kill for a God he doesn’t understand.

"Unless we discover the principle that will keep us safe from emotional responses, we shall continue to mutate away from reality..."

“These people honor me with their mouth, but their hearts are far from me,” said the Master. 

When things go wrong and diseases, war and famine are let loose upon the world, because of his secret folly, man groans and complains.

He begins to wonder if there is such a thing as God for allowing all that trouble to flourish. He may even be glad, in his condemnation of the higher principles, so that he can cling to his original desire to be the ego supreme in his little universe.

Thus cut off from the involvement with invisible essentials, he is thrust into life without protection from the reactions that will lead him away from completion, toward mutation, fear and war. 

Unless we discover the principle that will keep us safe from emotional responses, we shall continue to mutate away from reality; evolving above each other with an evolution of emotion, sickness, hate and madness.

Noticeably, there is great guilt and fear accompanying each emotional hostility; mostly because of our failure to correct the problem. Instead, we all contribute to that problem through our emotional reaction, known to us as fear and hostility.

In other words, when we become emotionally upset against the problem, we draw a substitute stimulation for our life; we become more involved with that problem and contribute to its growth.