Foundation of Human Understanding

The Foundation of Human Understanding was founded by Roy Masters in 1963 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit church organization. As a recognized and registered religious organization, the Foundation is dedicated to assisting anyone who is interested in perfecting their spiritual natures through the principles of Judeo Christianity. We do this by providing counseling, materials, lectures and assistance to anyone through radio programs, published materials and the Internet.

Prison Outreach and Ministry

The Foundation of Human Understanding operates an active prison ministry that reaches thousands of inmates through radio programs and provides any inmate with free books, materials and counseling. The FHU has supplied materials to thousands inmates, many of whom have related the stories of their successful recovery in letters to the Foundation.

Syndicated Radio Broadcast

For over half a century, the FHU has reached millions of listeners with radio programs such as Advice Line and Perilous World Radio, hosted by Alan Masters. It is currently carried live on Facebook and dozens of terrestrial radio stations in the U.S. then rebroadcast worldwide via the Internet.

Books and Lectures

The FHU publishes over 16 books and sells dozens of lectures dealing with general life issues, spirituality, philosophy, health and healing. Shop Here

Sunday Meetings

The FHU holds live meetings on Sunday mornings in Grants Pass, Oregon, as well as publishing the recordings online. Anyone is welcome to attend, and question-and-answer sessions are encouraged.  Learn More


The FHU holds seminars in selected cities throughout the U.S. Typically these seminars are instructional forums intended to educate and enlighten attendees about important emotional and spiritual issues.

Our Directors

Roy Masters


America's first radio counselor. In 1960 Roy Masters started America's first conservative talk radio show on KTYM in Los Angeles. Roy Masters and his "Advice Line" radio program continue today as an institution on radio. "Advice Line" had been broadcast nationwide on a 190 radio stations. Author of more than 22 books that deal with a wide range of subjects including Christianity, health, parenting, religion, sex, and stress. For over half a century Roy Masters was the guiding force behind the FHU and its mission to provide support to anyone searching for personal and spiritual guidance. Roy also founded Brighton Academy, considered by many to be one of the most innovative private schools in the country.

Alan Masters


Alan Masters is an award winning radio and television host, a 30+ year broadcast and media professional, a serial entrepreneur, and automotive enthusiast. Alan has been the acting President, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Foundation of Human Understanding since October 2017. As one of Roy Masters' sons, Alan was raised in the Judeo-Christian faith. A successful businessman, a faithful husband since 1986, father of 4 adult children and currently enjoying his four grandchildren. Alan seeks to put God first in his personal and professional relationships. Alan Masters is an advocate and spokesperson for Patriot Outreach; an organization focused on providing FHU Meditation exercise known as "Coping Strategies" utilized and approved by all branches of the military and made available to all military service men, women, veterans, retirees, government civilians, battlefield contractors and their families.

Dianne Linderman


Dianne has filled the roll of teen counselor, restauranteur, publisher, author, consultant, speaker, parenting expert, wife and mother of two. Now a national radio host who credits her success to the things instilled in her as a child by her father, Roy Masters. Roy’s simple belief that, in America, you can be whatever your heart desires and you can teach yourself anything. My father’s life’s adventures have been an inspiration to me.

Charles Williams


Charles Williams, cabinetmaker, carpenter, building contractor, and rancher, has been an active listener of Roy Masters and the teachings of FHU since 1965 when he first experienced the life-changing message. Charles served as foreman of Tall Timber Ranch, elementary teacher at Brighton Academy, and as a facilitator for the FHU’s various seminars. Currently, Charles serves as the Secretary on the Board of Directors, and occasionally leads the Sunday Conversations.

Connie Derek


Connie Derek, is a semi-retired mom of four, a long-time advocate, and grateful listener of Roy Masters. She began her work with FHU as a secretary. Prior to her role on the Board of Directors, she worked for the foundation for 7 years utilizing her design and art skills to create products, ads, and marketing materials.

Christina Chandler


Christina is a devoted wife of 23 years, a mother of three teen-agers. She co-owns and assists her husband in running a successful high-tech staffing firm and has a business degree from the University of Phoenix. She is a certified Life-Coach from Western Seminary and an advocate of self-help and supporting others in pursuing introspection. She also spends time with youth, primarily in foster care, by sharing her life journey.