Roy Masters from 'Secrets of A Parallel Universe'

If you were pure animal, right through to the marrow, created and evolved to be nothing more, you would react to the stress and pressure of your environment like any other animal, without conflict or second thoughts.

But we do know conflict when we respond like animals; and because we do, we must face the fact that we are something more than highly

evolved animals. The conflict that we feel, whatever you want to call it, “speaks” to us of another way of being.

It speaks of a form of being that springs from within and above, different from, and superior to, the natural order that governs the animal

world. The anxiety we feel is not of flesh, but of spirit. It comes from an inner knowing that we should not be responding to stress as animals do.

On the animal plane, all living things exist under the law of survival: kill or be killed. But we, as human beings, must live under a different system. Whereas the creature falls under the law of chance, we must find our law in faith.

And if our law is to be just, we must place our faith in the God-given consciousness that enables and confirms our dominion over the animal world, both within and without. In the animal world, the concept of injustice is unthinkable.

Like Popeye, the sailor man, the animal is what it is and justice has nothing to do with it. How can we find fault with the fact

that little fishes are eaten by bigger fishes that are eaten in turn by still bigger fishes? How else would they survive?

They must surely be living in accordance with God’s plan for them. But when it comes to us humans, surely you must see something wrong with our living like animals. Having been graced with consciousness, we must live from it, on a level that is inaccessible to the lower animals that were born to die for the preservation of the natural order.

Suffering and death convey a different meaning to the animals than they do to us. We may see a mother duck with her flotilla of ducklings swimming peacefully in a pond. Suddenly, plop! one of the ducklings disappears, gobbled up by a big-mouth bass.

Here, we see the law of chance at work. One of the brood had to go in order to feed a hungry fish, and nature allowed for it to happen.

Another may go to a hawk so that it might go on being a hawk, and the survivors may go on being ducks for their allotted time on earth, or they might not.

The only certainty is that no creature will be exempt from the law of chance insofar as its survival is concerned.

"All who do not live by faith, are subject to the 'unjust' law of chance"

One creature eats another in an endless food chain. With billions of them devoured daily, and billions more born to replace them, the death of one contributes to the life of another.

Without overpopulation and the ongoing process of eating and being eaten, the natural order would cease to exist in all its everchanging

variety and renewal of life. Now ask yourself whether you think you and your offspring should exist under the natural law of the animal.

Are we not, with our burden and blessing of consciousness, of greater significance than the birds of the air and the fish of the

sea? And if we are, why does He let us suffer the “injustices” of “chance” events?

Prepare yourself for a shock. The “unjust” jungle law will apply to you for as long as you continue to exist in a fallen state of consciousness.

Sooner or later, you will become a sacrificial victim of the “natural” order, the kingdom of hell on earth that depends on sacrifice for its existence, and no god will hear your cry for mercy.

In an overpopulated world, you will be food in an insane system whose slaves provide diseased bodies for medicine, inmates for prisons, laborers for factories, and cannon fodder for armies.

All who do not live by faith are subject to the “unjust” law of chance.