Overcoming Evil

Roy Masters

Every emotionally-caused pathological disease is due to some kind of insidious enervation – an energy drain from over-reacting to demanding people.

The road to power lies through injustice; the more severe someone’s cruelty, the more quickly you lose your heart to them. Injustice derives a false faith of power from robbing you of yours. Unfortunately, most victims see their servitude as the loyalty of love. Those who emulate their masters are promoted. The remainder are punished for not pleasing their tyrants, no matter how much they try. They are expendable: food in a dog-eat-dog chain of command. Few can bear to see their subservient roles as the worship of hell’s change agents. Do you find yourself feeling sorry for a tormenting manipulator?

The attraction of slaves to beast-masters produces unions of the morally and politically damned. From the seduction that springs from intimidation, lies the politics of all personal and political power. Your hang-up could be your need for the local drug pusher, or wife beater, an affliction of super-responsibility to the irresponsible with an inexplicable affection for your abuser.

All victims of abuse are identified with, bond-slaved to, and sexually aroused by their abusers. The host of abusers and abused…strong before the weak and weak before the strong…is behind all suffering, domestic violence, and mental illness. Tyrants go to war with their monkey armies: alliances of hell’s compulsive choosers.

Your bondage to controlling people is not all psychological.

Once inside your head, the spirit of resentment morphs into a class of sicknesses and diseases made worse by mothering doctors and sympathetic counselors. Resentment–as judgment–is the religious fix of the self-righteous, masking their beastly hearts with a religiosity. Tragically, most love-hate relationships begin where it least needs to be — in marriage.

Resentment is the victim’s hate: the effect of a cruel agenda lurking behind every subtle or outright cruelty. Injustice strikes directly at the very heart of the Divine purpose of all Americans — the unswerving loyalty to the God of our conscience. Through the sin of aroused anger, the irritating will of the abuser attaches to your soul as the sin of judgment.

“we need to be saved by our

Lord…Jesus Christ.”

If you never hated (judged) anyone, they could never get inside you, but they do. Don’t you see they want you to be full of rage, because what got inside them wants to get into you through making you hate people made in God’s image, who were like-wise infected. Resentment transfers everyone’s life-force down a chain of command.

Many have inherited motivations… old and dark…that look at the history of Christianity as trivial interruptions. The god of the underverse is like a fire, always smoldering below. We are emotionally drawn close to the blind will that truly runs the world. It commands people to be spiritual vampires to take our power as food for their will. They keep their eternal power on a habitual diet of others, and the so-called “dark powers” that await after death, are simply other vampires in new phases of consumption.

Not always does this involve carnage or blood; it is a matter of spiritual conquest. This is Original Sin: an alternate karma, a heritage of power and supremacy from which we need to be saved by our Lord…Jesus Christ.

Under the spell of angry emotions you are forced to play one of two inhuman roles — beast or slave of beast. We do unto others what was done to us; resentment condemns all to a hell on earth.

The wicked face that changes to fake affection, multiplies the damage by nurturing what hate implanted. Do you think that children are blind, that they don’t see you trying your best not to be that beast you once hated? They see it, but cannot prevent the violation of their souls. This is where inhuman conditioning all begins; churches have failed and government schools and the media finish the job – only a remnant survives the system. 

Victims of families are family members, just as Moslems clone Moslems. So be careful how you wake up to family and toxic cultural deception, lest you fall again into resentment and sheep-like compliance. 

If you see yourself in this writing — smile, you are almost home. 

Do not struggle to be free, that complicates everything. Become a helpless observer, a child crying inward for Christ’s revealing and saving light; He needs not your help. Let go of thoughts. Be still and let old emotions, memories and guilt surface. Let His light take away the pain; fear nothing, for you are a work in progress.