Perilous World Radio 12/29/23


Alan Masters hosts today's show, which focuses on "The Father of Lies"--Satan, and his intent to take us all down. Lies are all around us, and Alan aired a video showing a massive "migrant" caravan coming toward the US ("Satan's Army"). Our "leaders" lie to us regularly--plotting our destruction—in this case, using foreigners against the American People.

"It is darkest before dawn," and Alan reminds us that "darkness is coming." President Donald Trump is under attack, and Alan says that he's probably the only guy who could stand up to this attack, because of his money [and strong spirit]. The "swamp" that Trump sought to drain is deep indeed--the opening to Hell!

Our walk with God is a very personal thing. It is a path of discovery, and everyone deserves time to discover. The meditation exercise, as taught by Alan's father Roy Masters, is a personal thing too, says Alan, yet everybody (it seems) tries to convince us that their way is the right one, and right for everybody else. 

Can we admit that we're liars? Alan is willing to do just that in this program. But how many people are willing to say the same?

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