July 4-6 in Selma, Oregon
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“As we celebrate our nation's freedom, let me help you find the inner freedom to deal with stress properly.”


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July 4th is the chief holiday day on which we celebrate America's freedom.

In the opening chapter of Hypnotic States of Americans, Roy writes about every soul's aspiration for freedom:

The question this book poses, and answers, is how to recognize the workings of evil and how wonderfully easy it is to weaken and defeat it. Part of the reason Reagan aptly described America as "the last, best hope of man on earth" is that America has not experienced such thoroughgoing tyranny as most other countries in the world have. Indeed, it was founded by people who initially fled other lands hoping for a better, freer life. America has fought off efforts by many, starting with the British, to curtail its emerging freedoms. And, it bears noting, by using techniques of nonviolence and non-resentment, as Jesus taught, Martin Luther King, Jr. was able to lead one of the most downtrodden groups of Americans, whose forbears were enslaved on American shores, out of segregation and other remnants of the worst injustice of America's past, and force America to confront itself and become a significantly better country. In light of this, America can, if most of its people master the basic coping skills I teach, help lead the world by example out of its hypnotic state that has always doomed most of the world's population to live without freedom. That is why I have referred to my countrymen in the title of this book, The Hypnotic States of Americans. The sacrifices of free men and women have allowed me to write this book, where such efforts would have been forbidden, ignored or persecuted elsewhere.

Deep down, every human soul everywhere has a healthy aspiration to breathe free and lead the blessed life that becomes fully possible only when resentment is dropped, and entanglement with the age-old game ends. Stepping out of that game, and becoming free from its tug, is the first and most indispensable, freedom each of us must find. And each person can find it without anyone else's permission, wherever they are, under whatsoever government system they now live. The other difficulties will resolve with surprising ease, but not without pain, conflict and sacrifice, once enough people find this key and begin living without resentment. In that sense, then, people everywhere are 'Americans', yearning to breathe free--and so this book is addressed to everyone, everywhere.

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