Escaping The Mental Matrix

David Masters

If you have not yet seen the motion picture, “The Matrix,” I highly recommend it. The Matrix is a science-fiction version of everything my father has been saying on his radio program for 44 years. Briefly, the story line is beautifully simple, the dialogue profound. 

As the story unfolds, we discover a bleak future where machines have rebelled against their creators, waged war on humans and taken control of almost the entire human race. Dark nuclear dust clouds now block the sun. 

Asleep in artificial wombs, millions of humans have become living batteries. Comatose in virtual realities, their collective minds are computer versions of our present modern world. A mega-computer causes the sleepers to believe that they are actually living in a real world, working and playing at their various roles.

The artificial intelligence called “The Architect,” uses techniques common to every mortal dictator that ever lived, programming the sleepers with the illusion that they are living their own lives. 

The use of a virtual reality is vital. The “provider” installs what all humans need most, an elevated sense of importance. Without this dream they might awaken and become free, or worse, wither away depriving the machines of their energy supply. 

“many people do not have

any idea whether their lives

are real or illusory”

As in real life, there are those who have escaped and are trying to awaken and rescue the sleepers and find a way to live outside the control of the Matrix. Those heroic people who re-enter the Matrix run into “agents” whose role it is to prevent that awakening. Agents are lurking in everyone. 

The problem for those trapped in the Matrix is essentially the same as our own. The struggle to overcome our problems begins with how to define what is “real” from what is illusion and then how to cope. 

An artificial life is the only world Matrix dwellers will ever know. They cannot know that they are slaves, living lives imposed on them. Since it is their only reality — to them it must be real. 

As hard as it is to believe, many people do not have any idea whether their lives are real or illusory. They live out false lives just long enough to serve what they think is their own purpose, which, in reality, is a slave source of energy for whatever is draining them. Behold the power of all tyrants! 

To discover that you are not in control of your own mind is to begin to understand and gaze into the core of the subtle power that runs this wicked world. 

To question if we are in fact living our own lives honestly, awakens us from the insidiously comfortable sensual sleep of lies, self-deceit and illusion and opens the door to the shining path to freedom. Then do we cut off the life-force energy to all those human agents of doom who use our life forces to make our lives a hell on earth. 

To discover reality without being angry toward your programmers is to become de-programmed. Where do you want to live, in the “Thought Matrix,” or in God’s intended reality, in this infernal existence, or the eternal one?