The Energy Beyond

Roy Masters from the book, 'Gravity Driven Universe'

Wherever a body resides in space, there a time distortion exists and, consequently, a force will be imparted to that body.

Think of it—distortion imparting a force to a body! The greater the mass, the greater the force. This force is gravity.

In order to be distorted, time/space must be a “something”—something obviously moving and flowing. Otherwise, a body in space would not have anything to interact with or distort.

The awesome force of gravity is not the only example of the energy phenomenon of space/time pressure.

The spinning earth with its hot core and magnetic field also comes from this force.

Another manifestation of the power of space/time force is the electric field generated by the magnetic rotation of the earth.

For example, lightning bolts striking the earth are nothing more than electric current conducted to ground through the superconductor of moist columns of air. Later, I will discuss the connection between space/time, gravity, and magnetic and electric fields.

Summary Let us review some of these ideas. First: That space/time is not still at all (and therefore is a potential source of energy).

Also that matter moves through space/time—or to look at it another way, space/time is moving through matter.

Second: That we can, and should, compare the motion of mass in space with space/time itself, and if we do—by that shift of consciousness alone—we’re able to make kinetic energy “appear.”

Science accepts that matter is energy, but what many scientists fail to realize is that the “time” aspect of space/time is also energy.

In fact, as I have stated repeatedly, it is actually primal energy out of which matter has clotted and is currently dragging in this flowing (pre-time) energy stream we call space/time.

Space is not a void, but is filled with this energy, which we must discover philosophically before we can actually find it and use it as an endless, clean resource.

Thus, we must first be conscious of its existence and then, and only then, can we consider the practical physics of it.

"The song of creation is the most beautiful music."

Everywhere, through endless variations, we recognize the theme of the Composer from the beginning.

In the beginning before time began, before God spoke creation into being, there was “darkness on the face of the deep.”

And so, out of the breath of His Spirit a mighty “wind” arose, swirling out of the stillness.

Some of the wind clumped and took form; the rest flowed on, becoming time to the created things of the wind.

The wind moves and yet it is still. It is no thing, yet is many things; it is both time and timeless. And the “wind” is still blowing faster than we are going; it is a wind, and yet not a wind—a “no thing,” and yet everything.

From nothing came something, from something came everything , and in everything was everything else.

Out of the Stillness came forth timeless motion, and out of this motion came swirling things. And time came into being as the motion passed over those things, becoming for them the wind of time.

Out of the Eternal came the infinite external. And so it was “evening and morning of the first day.”

There was no solar light to fill the darkness, but in His wordless way He willed the light to be.

And so the small gathered and swirled into the big, and into swirling clouds the force of the wind came into the things of the wind and lit a star.

And so shone the first light. And it came to pass that He made countless lights in the firmament, and in these shining furnaces the elements of our earth were made.

And from the earth’s star dust, and from the light above, He brought forth life.

And the earth He made rotates forever around the light He made for us, as does the universe around the dawn of creation.

The Wind of the Spirit still blows, and the creation knows not whence it comes nor whither it goes.