EMOTION - The Mother of All Addiction

Roy Masters

Emotion drugs us into believing that emotion is right for us. That is why we cannot question our emotional way of life, any more than the drug addict can or will question his support.

Some people can successfully get away with existing emotionally; adding emotion to emotion to keep from seeing their mistakes--even those errors arising from emotion itself.

These people can manage to see what they want to see and hear what they want to hear without ever touching drugs--but some of us can't.

Other people, though they may be just as badly caught up in an emotional way of life, are a little bit too sensitive and aware to be able to play the game of emotion with the same gusto.

They may not know what's bugging them but they know that something is, and they want no part of it. These are the people who turn to drugs or some other form of addiction for relief, and those others (the emotion addicts) help drive them to it!

Because emotion acts as an opiate on our minds, we rarely see that our habit of reacting emotionally to every person, thing, and circumstance is the major cause of all our personal and interpersonal problems.

We are aware only of the anxiety and pain it produces in us and how desperately we crave to be relieved of these symptoms.

When something appears to provide us with that relief, we identify it as being something "good" for us. It doesn't even occur to us to ask whether it got to the real root of the problem.

Addiction may begin with some simple remedy like candy, aspirin, a doctor's prescription, or just a little drink to be "sociable."

From then on it's just a matter of degree and we go down one step at a time, adjusting to each level as we come to it--no questions asked. We rationalize all of them.

"Emotion is the mother of all addiction...the original drug that dulls the mind to reality and leads us to make one foolish decision after another."

Our pills and our snorts are our friends--they make us feel secure. A little is good and a little more is better yet; so our taste for them increases and, as we spend more time on gratifying that taste, problems begin to pile up in other areas of our lives and we may turn to hard drugs to escape them.

Drug addiction begins with emotion. Emotion is the mother of all addiction. It is the original drug that dulls the mind to reality and leads us to make one foolish decision after another

When we allow ourselves to become emotionally excited or upset, we cannot see clearly, so we blunder our way through life. Even if we manage to see that we have been caught up in a world of emotion, it's still our world and we don't know how to stop it long enough to get off.

When we have been turned on emotionally, we lack control to turn off again. Any counter pressure produces an excruciating agony in us, as though we were driving with the brakes on.

Drugs calm us down and assure us that all is well; but we aren't, simply because we remain subject to the same emotional pressures, with or without the drug. The more we depend on drugs, the weaker we get, until finally we need them to turn us on and turn us off.

Beginning with emotion, going on to the prescription at the pharmacy, and ending with hard drugs, all turn-ons and turn-offs ("uppers" and "downers") keep us from honest self-examination.

They keep us from the right answer. Even if we are inclined to cry out for help, this wrong answer always succeeds in getting in the way by producing a false security that stifles the cry.

From the little old lady who soothes her hemorrhoids with suppositories to the aspirin-oholic, we are all drug addicts--it's only a matter of degree. We are all soothing pains that should not have existed in the first place. Can the blind in society lead the blind?

Needless to say, emotion is the way in which illusions are preserved and businesses and professions are built, willingly or unwillingly--and drugs are a stronger way of producing the illusion.

People are controlled through emotion; that is why promoters cultivate it. Now society is alarmed because the underworld has more exciting things to offer!