EGO: Hell's Angel

Roy Masters from 'Parallel Universe'

Pride in action is man playing God, involving his soul with unreal constructs of the mind and imagination through a continuous flow of emotion-based images to distract him from the terrible guilt of rejecting God in order to take His place.

The idea that we can be our own God is the source of all our soul’s conflict, and because this idea is totally inconsistent with reality, pride draws us away from reality into a world of thought, wherein we can assert our godship.

But in doing so, we become enslaved to the spirit of thought that, holding the real power, places the token crown on our head. Driven by

pride, we must never see that, simply because we are created beings, we must forever play a supporting role, either to the God who created us or to the false god of our proud election.

In vain, we fondle the lie that first corrupted us through its appeal to our pride. In vain, we proclaim our mastery over life and destiny.

Even thoughts of rebelling against our real or imagined God are but part of the enslaving stream of thoughts that continue to inspire and sustain our pursuit of the impossible objective.

Once we have fallen to the realm of imagination, we are easily manipulated by the master originator of lies. We lose the awareness that would enable us to counter the powerful pull of temptation. Lost in thought, we literally begin to die, to dissolve into nothingness.

We have become so lost in the realm of ideas that we have forgotten Truth. Far removed from reality, enmeshed in worries and dreams and lulled by the pride of our culture, we may honestly not realize that we are trying, like everyone else, to be our own God.

"The theory of atheism is a fantasy that cannot stand the light of Reality."

Yet we do see ourselves as possessed of God’s prerogatives. We certainly see ourselves as worthy of unconditional acceptance from others, and we do not hesitate to pronounce judgment.

We are obsessed by thoughts of acceptance and rejection, love and hate. We live in prideful fantasies of being “loved” (worshipped). Judging, we blame and resent those who reject us, and we dream of humbling them.

We have no notion of the source of such ideas, nor do we question them, because we think we originate them. (And

the god that we are can do no wrong.) The denial of God is not always hidden and subtle, as in obsessive daydreams of love and hate.

Sometimes we see it expressed openly as an outright denial of God’s existence. The professed atheist does not, of course, admit that he

sees himself as God. Such an admission would alienate his listeners, and he needs to be heard.

He needs others to support his assertion that there is no God because no false idea can stand on its own. Such an idea needs all the reinforcement it can get from a support group, even at the cost of sharing some of the godship with its members.

But man, by his very nature, cannot live without God. Why else would he be making gods of all his seducers? Even the atheist would be unable

to conjure up a following were it not for this human need to serve the God that created us or the false god that is recreating


The theory of atheism is a fantasy that cannot stand the light of Reality.