Doubt: Faith’s Dark Side

Roy Masters – from “The Hypnosis of Life.”

Emotion is the natural survival mechanism against any threat. Lie detectors work by measuring electrical impulses that indicate an individual’s response against any attempt to get at the truth. From this scientific fact, we may also conclude that in man, emotional responses arise not only in reply to natural danger, but also in defense against the reality of conscience.

Since shame is painful, the ego tends to employ the displeasure of anger to project blame upon the innocent. Confronting the guilty, we all risk insanity.While emotion is indeed a survival mechanism for animals, in man it takes on a special degrading evolutionary significance: our emotions are a downwardly transcendent ego-animal survival-mechanism. Exposure to the light of truth terrifies the guilty.

Every corrupted soul shields itself with massive lies and excuses to avoid the burning light of conscience. To reject reality and accept the lie as truth requires energy, and that energy is always covert resentment, or overt rage. Conversely, the proper energy of defense against wicked accusations is found in the divine energy of grace — love.

“resentment is the driving

force of pride

At the very heart of this emotional rejection of Reality lies a mysterious doubt. Pride, surviving submerged in its sensual ego form, craves the sustaining emotion of doubt to avoid extinction through the pain of humiliation. Doubt as the negative form of faith’s humility, has its own animal-energy defense mechanism that works naturally for animals, but which is degrading for people.

From faith comes the power of love (calmly and patiently standing your ground under fire), and this love is the defense of every ennobled soul. Just as faith joins us to and draws upon the nonviolent force of God, doubt draws upon the energy inherent in stress for its defense. Prideful egos crave those frustrations and emotional upsets in order to function in denial. 

Resentment is the driving force of pride, as love is the divine energy of humility.Love has no strong feelings in its response of faith. Love manifests as a non-response in the face of hateful persuasions. Whosoever is pure and truthful is calm and unruffled in the face of temptation. Faith is a loving response from the true Master. Doubt, on the other hand, is the emotional assist from a different master-presence. In death, each of us will go complete to where we came from while we lived — completely wicked or completely good. 

The doubtful will always need emotion, which is why emotion multiplies your doubt-based grief. To find faith you need only to drop anger towards everyone and everything; in religious parlance, it is forgiveness.