Perilous World Radio 02/02/24

Do You Seek Pleasure or Meaning?

Alan Masters hosts today's Perilous World Radio episode. He begins by commenting that he's been sick (recovering now!), and it's so tempting to use any excuse not to do what needs to be done. There are many things we don't want to do, but should do, such as feeding the cows in the cold rain! How many things do we put off?

Alan goes on to discuss the "trauma that keeps on traumatizing." It is not the pain itself, but the anger and fear that it triggers. How DO we stop hating? This is where the meditation exercise as taught by Alan's father, Roy Masters, can be such an amazing tool to help. Go to to find out how to get it.

Also, if you make a donation to the Foundation of Human Understanding (FHU), you can get an E-Pamphlet written by Roy Masters on whichever topic you choose. Just let Catherine in our front office know your choice. Call 800-877-3227, or go to to donate. All available E-Pamphlets are located near the top of

Alan speaks of being on a journey to find his "why, " and says that man must search for meaning, not pleasure. Victor Frankl's classic book, Man's Search For Meaning's_Search_for_Meaning is one of Alan's favorites. Alan says that the Devil lures us in through pleasure. It could be said that "the Devil is a fisherman."

In the second half of the show, Alan is asked in the "Chat"--"How much have you changed since you started doing the show?" Alan says that he is in a "season" of his life where he wants to take all the "learning" he has gained and try to do some good. He does not do what he wants anymore, but what GOD wants him to do. He sees so much opportunity for himself and others and wants to help them, particularly young people.


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