Do You Have A Conscience?

Roy Masters

Many people exist without a conscience, fully capable of harming others with impunity, completely unaware of what they are doing wrong and perfectly self-justified in every wicked and thoughtless deed.

Standing your ground against these types of people can be a nightmare of confusion, a danger to your sanity and perhaps one day to your health.

There are two kinds of people: those permanently devoid of a conscience and those whose conscience is not yet “activated” by God’s presence.  If you have a conscience, you know right from wrong, but until you find salvation you cannot act from it.

You often overreact and behave as a frightened or angry animal.

If you can bear to read this, then God can save you, unlike those without a conscience. 

Since you cannot tell the difference between those who simply get upset too easily and do foolish things, and those with no conscience, you must deal with every offender in the same way.

The benefit to you will be that if you cannot help someone, then your patient endurance will prevent the tormentor from getting inside your head.

Jesus cried out, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do,” because he wanted us to realize that whenever evil acts through a human being, it will not allow them to be aware of it. 

those trapped by their emotional ties to the world will see heavenly forgiveness shining through your patient endurance…

As slaves of sin, we all have compulsions to hurt others, but we are capable of being conscious of what we are doing.  We struggle to do what is right; however, it is like driving with the brakes on.

Pity those who are devoid of conscience because they cannot help but obey their impulses—all the way to the grave.  Careful now, if you fail to overcome your resentments, you will suffer the same fate.  

Consciousness is a blessing.  If you will think of your conscience as a friend, rather than an enemy, then you will be relieved of the pain of conflict in every moment that you realize your mistakes, and are grateful, rather than resentful, for knowing them.

For example, if you resent what a person tells you, you will resent also the person who says it– the two are inseparable.  This is what happens when you resent the God of your conscience, because God is the Knower as well as He who gives the knowing.

Those who hate you, with no apparent reason, are invariably reacting against the good in you in the same way they have resented and rejected the good in themselves.  Their own conscience feels like a cruel punisher.

It hurts so badly it makes them want to hurt you. Realizing this fact and forbearing to be resentful towards your tormented tormentors, will keep their wickedness from penetrating your soul.

Happily, those trapped by their emotional ties to the world will see heavenly forgiveness shining through your patient endurance and perhaps realize that God forgives them..