Divine Energy

Roy Masters

Because the Timeless One enacted Will, there was energy; because of energy, motion; because of motion, matter; because of matter, space/time. 

Divine Energy is all there is, manifesting in the all of creation as the seen and the unseen, The One revealed through the other. 

From the Eternal Beyond comes now the infinite universe, a procession of energies, which, after being transformed into matter, become sculptured into all the glories of creation, infinitely unfolding, beauteous exemplars of all things preexisting with God. 

While sustaining the universe, the Divine Force also manifests as man’s divine essence, the quickener of men’s longing souls. 

While God is incomprehensible, His essence can be seen in everything He creates. So how can those with perverse intellects, never having discovered how to separate their souls from the molecular bondage to their mortal natures, ever fathom what lies beyond nature’s boundaries? 

They can do little but dabble in equations, ascribing “understanding” to what is only the dryness of rote learning. Never will they experience the joy of realizing that God is in the universe and the universe is in God—One sustaining, the other being sustained. 

While all things are sustained from the beginning by His reinforcing power, only man can reach inward toward the beginning to receive His direct Personal Essence, the like of which is reserved for the good angels and the children of the Light. 

"True love for God is need.

To need is to love."

The malevolent ones are deprived of this intimate quickening. Whereas the inspired, being infilled with emanations of His primal essence, reflect His likeness in much the same way the moon acts as a secondary likeness to the sun.

As the moon reflects the light of the sun, so too we achieve knowledge of the Son, and beyond Him, the Father.

Whosoever partakes of this inner Universal Light also possesses spiritual power—a knowledge understood as faith to the degree to which he or she has matured in the Light.

True love for God is need. To need is to love.

Not to need Him is a denial of Him and thus, to be filled up with the love of the world. Even love’s true yearning comes from Him and goes back up to Him as the cry for redemption. 

Thus does the absence of sensual passion and emotion in the pursuit of virtue constitute love for God, whereby Love has space to enter and displace the indwelling worldly evil, bringing with it, as God’s love always does, all the bounty and blessings of the spirit.

Those souls sweetened by means of God’s infIlling love reveal His Character within them.