Delicious Delusion

David Masters

I recently had the opportunity to spend time with a family member on my wife's side of the family (I will call the person “Member X”) that makes a living from working in the food industry. Member X is very skilled at preparing food and has been for decades. 

Member X is obese and has heart issues that can be deadly. Member X knows that the very food that is so much the focus of life and livelihood, is also what will be the cause of death. It seems like a paradox…

And this is brings me to the point of my observation: Food is hypnotic above all other “temptations” more than sex, money, and power, because food has a unique power to dilute or cloud consciousness and hide anger, judgment, if not all the unhealthy inhuman qualities, and most dangerously… suppresses self-awareness.

The ability to see yourself as you really are is vital for being conscious of our wrong thoughts and reactions that allow for course correction toward good, and eventually salvation. Food is the great escape! But, food itself isn’t the problem any more than guns that are used to kill or violate in the hands of an evil doer are the problem.

Guns are often abused and food is almost always abused because human beings are subject to the need/seduction of food from the moment of birth. Subject to... as if food had the power of a ruler. And in so many respects a ruler food is. But, look more closely at the mechanism of control that each person gives food.

Member X is an example: The fixation on, and struggle with food over a lifetime has had overtly negative effects in a multitude of areas, but no amount of struggle or effort by the food slave can disconnect them from the power that they have given food to dull the senses, and cloud the torment of the mind. The opiate and sedation of food is so great, that virtually all of us in its grip really believe that losing life and limb is the fault of the food, and not our hypnotic servitude to consuming it!

Like most people dying to eat, and eating to die, Member X is a decent person with some very good insights. But, simmering below the surface is anger and hurt from a lifetime of conflict and upsets. And like most people, deep below in the subconscious mind, there is great unhappiness and pain and these are the connectors, or tendrils of the invisible force that holds us all prisoners for the anesthetic effect that seductive food has upon us.

Looking out at the world through food clouded eyes, is exactly the same as the drug abuser, the alcoholic, and the cigarette smokers view. Some are high and happy from the effect, others are angry and aggressive, similar to the angry drunk vs. the happy drunk. Either way, food opens the door to Pandora’s Box and enhances the persons predispositions.

If it is to rage and judge, or to enable and support - either way food enlarges the out-of-control nature lurking within. Sadly, some people stumble through life in a food induced stupor making choices, and thinking strange thoughts based on food pumped-up feelings, making mistake upon mistake, and never understanding why all the way to a bitter end.

Food was the agent used in the story of Adam and Eve that separated them from God, because food had been weaponized or infused with a hypnotic component by the force of evil. So, through food, allegiances where changed and redirected… Through food, in various ways the entire human race has been compromised.

"a new self is born when we awaken to our corrupted relationship

with food."

The virus of hypno-hunger has penetrated our strongest defenses and now we are all like zombies living in a food induced waking coma. Struggling in a quicksand of food pleasure, we sink deeper daily away from the light of reality as this food weapon changes our personal psychology so that we believe ourselves to be victims, rather than slaves of an ancient hypnotic spell… "The most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.”

Food zombies do unto others, what has been done to them… most often in the name of LOVE… encouraging others to eat. Eat to enjoy life, eat to forget life, eat, eat, eat. And on the food high, live a life full of errors that most people sum-up to chance. All the way to the doctor’s office we worry, and reach for the caregiver for answers… but they do not understand the real cause of “Food Associated Trauma.”

So, they do what they can to keep us alive a little while longer… or take us to the grave one piece at a time.  All because once under the spell of food hypnosis, the subject does not know they have surrendered their will to the weaponized spirit of delusion hidden within their corrupted nourishment.

In late December 2011, I discovered I had diabetes from a brain scan that revealed “white matter brain damage.” I instantly realized why my memory had been diminished so much over the last decade… it was ice cream coffee flavorings, and chips, among other things that were killing me softly. And, I realized that food was keeping me disconnected from my higher self, causing me to lose my vital memory that stores the contents of my life history, and was crippling my connection to my creator… just like in the Garden of Eden!

Free from the static-noise of food thinking, I am better than I ever imagined possible… My skin cancers are resolving, my weight is down 35 lbs, my heart palpitations are gone, and my attitude is positive. It is really hard to wake up from the hypnotic trance of food itself… but waking up to why one loves to serve food is like the rare bar-tender that realizes it’s time to close the bar to save lives.

Alas, bars are on every corner. So are the food tenders - relying upon the secret unspoken lure of hypno-foods to bring in the food-zombies… just like the air-raid siren used as a hypnotic trigger by the underground dwellers called Morlocks - mutants who dwell beneath the earth as the Master Race, and prey upon the naïve above ground dwellers called Eloi in HG Well’s classic story “The Time Machine.” 

Even as hypnosis was born when food was abused and corrupted, a new self is born when we awaken to our corrupted relationship with food. A new self that takes delight in helping others see the light, rather than helping loved ones, and friends drown… in delicious but deadly food delusion.


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