Perilous World Radio 01/08/24

Days Of Final Choice

Husband and wife team Alan and Jan Masters host today's show, which is chock-full of content. Alan begins by reading from an old (1972) pamphlet written by his father, Roy Masters, called "The Principles of Salvation." In the pamphlet, Roy discusses "The Champion" and "The Comforter" and their roles in our salvation. Roy also sees—from decades back—that the final showdown between Good and Evil was already in the works. 

 Jesus set the perfect example for us, and paid the debt for our sin. He was obedient to the Father. Some do not believe that he died for our sins, and Jan refutes them with Scripture.

Alan marvels at how conversation of deep matters can unlock understanding in us, and that the Perilous World Radio show is designed to make us think. Are we children of the light? asks Alan. Do we want to be?

The subject of grace, and what it is, is increasingly discussed as the show moves forward. Jan explains how bearing children can grow grace in women. It can be a rare quality in men, but Alan explains how his father had grace. 

Today's show is a deep dive into weighty subjects. Every Christian and non-Christian who seeks to be a "child of the light" will want to tune in. Roy Masters rediscovered a Judeo-Christian meditation exercise often called "Be Still and Know" that helps us find that special place inside where the Spirit can reveal the truth that sets us free. The Foundation of Human Understanding (FHU) is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to keeping the healing message of Roy Masters alive in these "perilous times." Your donations are tax-deductible; and help us carry on the message, and continue to publish important works like those discussed in today's show.


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