Danger And Courage

Roy Masters from ‘HYMCMYW’

If there were no danger, you could not possess courage. If there were no hate or temptation, how could you develop love and virtue?

Cruel and unthinking people are giving you the opportunity to accomplish now what you failed to do before. The situations that once made you upset, guilty and afraid will become the very things to give you happiness and well-being from now on.

Therefore, whosoever shall try to anger you or upset you is actually giving you the opportunity to rise above your problems. They do not know this, but they are doing you a great service, and the harder people try to upset you, the calmer you will become, the brighter you will shine.

So remember to overlook right on the spot and be plain-spoken, with firmness, kindness and patience from

now on.

Whoever tries to annoy you intentionally or otherwise is trying to hurt and even control you with your own resentment.

Simply observe him. Respond only with patience and whatever thought or deed that comes forth out of that center of calmness.

Take resentment out of everything so that you discern, rather than judge. Let this run through your thoughts often.

“Respond only with patience and whatever thought or deed that comes forth out of that center of calmness”

Have the awareness of it in your mind at all times. Keep this as a spiritual and moral goal. Let it be more important than any material goal in this world, for it is the means by which everything can be accomplished.

Let the whole procedure of meditation give you a satisfaction and a joy of doing that will far exceed the pleasure from material things.

It should be a joy to think about it, to understand it and do it again and again, so the light will modify everything that passes through your mind

from the world.

You should make decisions according to it. Everything you feel, do or say should conform to it; that is, to be patient, overlook on the spot and be outspoken with firmness, kindness and patience.

Meditate because you can see it is right to do, not because you have to. Do it because you yearn for understanding. Do it for the sake of finding and being committed to what is true and good; do it for the pure love of seeing truth prevail—to be a better person, regardless of profit or loss or

whether or not it makes you feel good.

If you want to have a real goal to think about, let it be, “If I could just be unmoving in my patience and discern people as they are without judging them for what they do or imply, I would be better off.”

This is the truth; no other goal will give you satisfaction, so there is no point in thinking about it.

Everything here merely points to the simple instruction to overlook on the spot and be plain-spoken with firmness, kindness and patience.