Cure Stress – Introduction

Roy Masters – Excerpt from ‘Cure Stress’ Introduction

This book is about a very special form of meditation—a rediscovery of an ancient science that provides the answer to the serious problems of our time.

Proper understanding of this technique is apparent only after you have submitted yourself to its discipline for a time.

How short or how long a time, the author cannot predict. To some, enlightenment comes with sudden intensity. To others it is a gradual unfolding.

What follows is divided into two parts. One part is for conscious reading or listening, in order to bear witness to what you will discover.

The other, more vital part is the meditation itself, a process that will raise your conscious self, now dangerously absorbed into its thinking, to the surface of the mind, a place where pure understanding about your problems exists.

You simply cannot understand or resolve your problems from the point of being involved with them.

Trying to do so causes things to go from bad to worse. The meditation exercise will also show you how to overcome certain reactions to stress.

“the natural inclination of the soul is toward ultimate self-government.”

Through meditation, you will begin to see that all your troubles come from (1) doubting the truth, (2) being ambitious and (3) living out of the emotional upset which results from and perpetuates the first two mistakes.

Your failing attempts to deal with symptoms and the ways you’ve compensated for your guilt have only made matters worse.

The meditation will help you realize that any attempt to rationalize or analyze an emotional complex only adds to the severity of the problem.

The author is well aware of the controversial nature of these statements and politely requests the reader to withhold judgment until some experience with the meditation is gained.

Most people rebel at “good” advice that opposes their secret ambitions, and they will recoil when you talk about their faults.

Alcoholics will rebel when you criticize their drinking, even when you try to help them. We all abhor outer direction (being told what to do), for the natural inclination of the soul is toward ultimate self-government.