Creatures of Conscience

Roy Masters from 'Cure Stress'

Conscience is the light that shines on our rabid thoughts and allows us to see our mistakes; but if we are proud, we do not want to see them, so we bend all our efforts toward putting out the light within us that would show us our faults.

We have physical eyes to see where we are physically going, but the light that shines in our consciousness tells us what is right and wrong and illuminates our spiritual path.

If we do not want correction or right direction, the light of consciousness (or the afterglow of conscience) is an abomination to us, and we must try to put it out. But it isn’t easy to put out that light.

The means we most frequently employ are anger, excitement and mental imaging. In nature, plants have a built-in mechanism for converting

sunlight into growth energy.

Each plant converts the light to its own use according to its own seed pattern; that is, grass seed will produce grass and dandelion seeds will produce dandelions. Now, the light not only provides the energy for growth; it also gives the signal for growth.

In other words, it actually “turns the plant on.” Just as the sunlight provides turn-on value for plants, danger provides turn-on value for animals.

This “danger” is usually signaled by the presence of another animal, the other animal being a modified light form. The sphere of influence

(auric radiation) surrounding the intruder affects the animal in much the same way as sunlight affects the plant, in that it provides the impetus for growth.

"The light that shines in our consciousness tells us what is right and wrong and illuminates our spiritual path."

In this way, we see that animals grow and take shape as a result of their interrelationships, the losers providing fuel (food) for the victors.

They derive their energy and turn-on value from one another in precisely the same way as the plant derives energy and turn-on

value from sunlight; but because they are more complex organisms, the principle operates in a more complicated and evolved way.

Now what about man? Nobody in whom the light of consciousness still shines can honestly believe that man is simply the most highly-evolved of the animals, designed to take his turn-on value from other people, for then we could never be any better than those who turn us on.

We know intuitively that, as people, we must live in the world, but not be of it. We must obtain its support and nourishment without

allowing it to dictate our pattern of growth.

In other words, we must take and retain dominion over the things of the earth. As people, the closest link we have with reality is our


Through this consciousness, the Light who sired all creation outside touches us inside and turns us off to outside influences that seek to control us.