Perilous World Radio 01/19/24

Cotton Candy Prayers

Alan Masters hosts today's Perilous World Radio show, and moves into sobering territory. Alan has had enough of "gamified Christianity/religion," and wants to help God be a "freer" of souls. To do that, we really have to examine things, and be willing to take a stand. So many people ask for prayers for themselves or a loved one, but are they truly sincere, or are they looking for a "get out of jail free" card, so they can avoid the crisis they are in, and go right back to sinning?

When we do pray for people, we should reach into our soul with prayer they really need. Alan has come to the conclusion that from now on, he is going to qualify people—talk to them, get an understanding of who they are and what they seek—before praying for them. Otherwise, the prayer is just part of the game, and nothing more than cotton candy.

Alan realizes that he is opening himself up to massive criticism by saying these things, but he has to be accountable to God. He is "the captain of this (his) ship," and refuses to take on "freeloaders" on this journey. God wants us to be "freers of souls," and that is not possible unless we are completely honest with ourselves and others. This is a must-watch/listen to show—one that will help us all "check ourselves" and pay serious attention to our intent.

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