Perilous World Radio 12/15/23

Constipation of the Soul

Alan Masters hosts today's show, which begins by discussing the way people can approach us with knowledge and judgment—it shows all over their faces! There is a difference between knowledge (from the world) and knowing (from God). Knowledge brings pride and will--the need to convince others. Alan knows what he knows, and perhaps more importantly, what he doesn't know. Evil knows exactly how to draw us into arguments, to the detriment of all participants.

Alan asks an important question: "How do we know what we know?" Standing on what we know is crucial in life, and today's program brings this point home.

The second half of the show delves into the pied piper of pleasure ("Pleasure is the alternative treasure," or the "Pleasure Treasure"). Pleasure is fleeting, and a counterfeit joy. Our priorities are wrong--unless we are listening to the "voice" of God through his Holy Spirit, as Alan's father Roy Masters taught through the "Be Still and Know" meditation. 

Alan concludes today's show by including a list of the radio stations (scroll to bottom) that Perilous World Radio show broadcasts from. We need your donations more than ever. Thank you!

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