Conflict And Chaos

Roy Masters

All violence or nonviolence that rises from true indignation and intuitive conviction (without hostility or fear) will constitute the correction of that problem. It will extinguish the evolution of troubles toward the problem complex.

If the nonviolence is merely a cunning, defensive device to make an enemy ashamed, you will find that this kind of shame makes you seem superior and the enemy angrier. 

Will you give up principles to avoid an argument? Then you encourage the advance of your opponent—eventually you will be forced to fight a greater problem with less of those principles—that feeds the problem. 

Will you yield in fear or compromise to gain peace? If so, you are creating future wars and chaos for yourself—you are advancing the cause of evil—you are still part of the problem.

Our yielding in fear excites the enemy into feelings of infallibility and, in turn, to exert greater pressures. He sees your fear only as weakness, which is responsible for his encouragement.

Your fear is the contrast he needs to feel brave, and your weakness is the catalyst for his contempt. Worse yet, the enemy’s cruelty is the catalyst that gives you needed energy through your indignation. 

It is our weakness that fosters the evolution of hatred and eventually the nonviolent ones are forced to resort to violence, revealing at long last their true affinity with the problem. 

As was stated previously, any reaction against the problem, such as fear or anger, makes us part of that problem. Even if the victory goes to the non violent, we must become violent for that victory.

With love, power arises from meditation. An entirely new framework of attitudes come into being

There still is no peace; for the non violent, now-violent victor, has reacted against the problem and away from completion within. He has attained to become the very thing he hated! He has sinned against his own soul; he has violated his own philosophy, and contradicted his beliefs.

Now when the Involution Principle has come into being with us, we learn how to react to a new system. With the energy derived from meditation, we no longer feel the need to derive energy by being against the problem.

With concentration in quiet moments, we can respond emotionally to the world within, and carry our stimulation to the battle fronts of life.

Without love, all men need to hate for the energizing lift it seems to give them. With love, power arises from meditation. An entirely new framework of attitudes come into being.

New attitudes are the secret weapons that will put an end to war, sickness, disease and fear. These are perhaps known as the Be Attitudes.