Cell Wars

Roy Masters excerpted from book Cure Stress

With certain forms of cancer, the invader appropriates the immune system. You may not know that the invader is there because it thinks it is you and you think it is it.

The inner sanctum has been compromised at the highest level of spirit; it is in command of your natural forces. Your own body cells are dispirited.

Some cells begin to respond to the invader and your body responds in a way that traumatizes the resisting cells, bidding them to give up and conform just as you have done in your life in relating to other people.

The conforming cell becomes a change agent enemy of the healthy cells that finally also change sides through having tried to resist without the power to do so. As the result of the struggle and enervation of life force, the whole body feeds itself to the sickness and you die.

You die two deaths, one of the body, preceded by that of the spirit. Think of this process in a new light; think of the struggle as a form of denial. You need the challenge, the struggle to puff up your pride, and you need it as a distraction from the guilt of being proud.

You are struggling without the ennobling power of faith that would quiet your perverse need for distraction.

"There are those who would rather reign in hell

than serve in heaven."

The adversary provides cruelty and injustice as a tease offering for your ego, causing it to puff up like a cobra with judgment

You think you’re dealing with a person; instead, it is a spirit using a corrupted human form to penetrate you in the same way that it has been corrupted by other “changed” agents.

Your disenfranchised spirit, your ego, is no match for such temptation. But in your pride you rise to every challenge and continue to fall and fail in a vicious, self-destructive cycle.

There are those who would rather reign in hell than serve in heaven. Resentment is your Achilles heel; resentment is anger, the handmaiden of judgment.

While the bully is addicted to power, you have also become addicted by judging and using judgment of his evil as food for your continuing judgment. Without grace, your naive spirit will always succumb to the seasoned victim who has turned bully.

Resentment and hostility toward others can turn inward toward you. If you don’t turn your anger inward, you will become a change agent and take it out on your family and people weaker than yourself, thereby impregnating them with the spore of the alien spirit that you carry.

You may not get ulcers, but you give them, if you see what I mean. Really wicked people rarely get really sick.

Why is this, you ask? It is because they had no guilt for stealing from others what was taken from them. Because he is ruthless enough through degrading others for their life force, just one such outrageous individual can stay healthy on a diet of frightened victims.