Perilous World Radio 11/21/23

Can ONE Man Change The World?

Alan Masters hosts today's program. In a world where few seem to think they can make a difference, Alan reminds us that it IS indeed possible. In fact, every one of us is changing the world for the good or bad every day.

Jesus said that we could do even greater things than he has done. In an age where we can reach the entire world via the Internet, we can get a much wider audience than he did in his time.

Alan read a letter from a man named Zack. His grandfather was a close friend of Alan's dad, Roy Masters. Zack's letter told of Roy's profound influence on his grandfather, father, and himself—three generations! If Zack has children, positive influence is undoubtedly reaching them. In this way, and countless others, Roy Masters—through his longstanding radio program, over twenty books, and observation-meditation technique--is one man who powerfully changed the world.


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