Burning The Dead Tree

Roy Masters

In my work I have learned to identify many types of scoundrels. As you know, my work consists of helping people to find themselves.

But whenever I encounter a person who believes in everything I have to say, who quickly becomes a devotee without ever having any sin or problem (that I know of) cured, I know that I am dealing with someone who could betray me.

He is like a faithful servant, working in the field, doing his work well. Then one day, in a thoughtless moment, he leaves the gate open and lets the animals ruin your crops. He might exclaim, “What can I say, sir? I am embarrassed; I am sorry.”

And perhaps he is, but in his psychotic state of unawareness, Hell comes through and guides him. Be careful you don’t fall prey to resentment, because that, more than anything, is worse than the spoiled crops.

Apology can be a cover up, a false humility designed to make you feel guilty for judgment which you have been tempted to feel. Then that angry moment carries over to the next moment, and now you misjudge and cause a problem. 

But there is also the psychotic who, being under a compulsion he cannot resist, is truly sorry. How can you tell them apart? You may not be able to, and if you can’t, there is more to learn through patience.

Wait until it is all revealed in time. God makes up for losses by giving you greater insight, which becomes gain. 

Remember, never be resentful. Never make judgments about a person who appears to be repentant. Wait patiently. Wait until you are given to know for sure whether or not the person is a victim or a dyed-in the-wool betrayer.

One day you will know, and through your patience and long suffering your character will be strengthened. Your love will reveal and save those seeking salvation, but will frustrate the betrayer.

Your patience will touch each soul in its own special way, just the way the sun dries up and burns the dead tree, but causes the dormant living tree to put forth its leaves and receive life. 

Awareness grows through suffering. Surely the indwelling Father will more than compensate you for losses as you travel down the path of life. Growing patience and long suffering prepare your soul to receive His guidance, which leads you from the present trials to the good and successful life.

The Father knows how to give good things to those who wait on Him for His judgment on the wicked, and His salvation for the good. 

"The Father knows how to give good things to those who wait on Him for His judgment on the wicked, and His salvation for the good."

Again I say, never place your faith in any man or woman. Faith is that special bond of closeness reserved only for what is revealed privately in your heart.

The Source of faith guides you through life, moment by moment, modifying your relationships with other souls. Remember, faith in people imparts to them a god-like but evil power. 

Psychotics can be very treacherous indeed. When they discover that their worship has not made them great, but has only enslaved them to the will of their model, they may seek freedom by finding fault, even inventing faults that do not exist.

Often they do this by becoming more obliging to spoil you for that fault they love to judge. They spread damaging stories behind your back, but smile sweetly to your face; never betraying the tale-telling, but seeking support for it.

This is the way they maintain the love/hate relationship so vital to the security of their psychotic state of self-righteousness. 

You see, believing in people is like love for them, and their faith in you is like love for you also. Psychotics need to be deceived by “love” in order to feel worth.

They fear God’s correcting love, and so they make you a god to get from you the virtues they can’t get from God—but they must draw Hell up to do it. 

The gift of neither believing nor disbelieving in people is a gift from God through your reaching for His Spirit within. The Devil labors ceaselessly, night and day, to break this sacred bond, to deliver us from joy to grief.

But through all the trials and tribulations which come upon a person, one can ultimately benefit by understanding the lesson.

One can learn about the soul’s weakness, its proclivity to believe in uplifting and lying spirits, to trust in everyone and everything rather than what is revealed in the secret place of the soul. After all, wasn’t that Adam’s sin, which we have inherited?