Perilous World Radio 11/29/23

Bring Shame Into The Sunlight

Alan Masters, President and CEO of the Foundation of Human Understanding (FHU) hosts today's show, which includes a full interview with Raj Jana, Co-Founder and CEO of Liber8 (, an emotional wellness company. Raj discusses his long journey of self-discovery and, ultimately, a return to his "true self." The interview includes unexpected revelations from the 32-year-old CEO, Raj, and sound wisdom from Alan.

Later in the show, Alan interviews Patriot Outreach ( President and CEO Col. Tony Monaco and attorney Rees Lloyd regarding the recent New York Supreme Court ruling that all fired unvaccinated public employees must be reinstated with back-pay, no loss in seniority, and retirement benefits. According to host Alan, this ruling could start an "explosion" through the system, as those who have been fired for refusing the "jab"-whether military or civilian—may seek legal redress for this grievous offense.

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