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Excerpt from Chapter 14

The Tangled Web

Finding yourself lost in your thoughts is positive proof that you have failed to cope with a pressure, a personality, or a condition. A trauma has occurred with dangerous future repercussions. Unless you can awaken from your trance-like state of fantasy, worry, and prepared speeches, more tragedy lies ahead. It is only a matter of time before you will experience mental, emotional, and physical suffering, accompanied by fits of depression, hopelessness, and despair.

Happily, there is hope. Read on and learn about your principal weaknesses, and awaken from the nightmare of false forgetfulness before any more harm is done.
Dwelling in a thought world can cause any dream to become a reality. Brood too long over anything at all and a hellish reality will hatch out.

Any time you cannot cope with the pressure of a dominant personality you are drawn into a dream state, and because your ego is afraid to fully awaken to the realization of the condition you are in, you are obliged to remain in your dream world, fascinated by worry and by the memory of the person who made you fail.

It all begins with your ego's employing dream mechanisms to reach certain goals. Unfortunately, the very process of dreaming denies the unfolding plan of God. To the degree that you lose sight of Reality through your ambitions, you become sensitive to pressure and you are led by deceit.


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