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As a pediatrician I believe that as a parent you are potentially more dangerous to your own child than any germs. If your child is having physical or emotional problems, it is a signal to you that you are doing something wrong . . . If you want to learn how to truly love your children (that is, protect them from harm, both from yourself as well as from others) then I prescribe the "medicine" in Roy Masters' book, "How To Survive Your Parents."

Saved me from destroying my children! December 21, 1999
Reviewer: A reader

This book explores why we behave the way we do towards our children, our spouses and our parents. It is the most truthful and logical self-help book I have read. I always had a feeling that my problems in dealing with people came from how I was raised and how I reacted to the various corruptors in my life. This book sheds light on how to recognize personality defects in ourselves and others so that we can begin to heal from within. It woke me up to how I was treating my own children like my parents treated me, and that I had set up my husband to be my unavailable father! I highly recommend all of Roy Masters' books and his radio program!


What a pleasure and an honor it is to endorse this book!

I have had many years of training in the science of medicine. I have taught in universities and made contributions to medical literature and spent many years in private practice; then I heard Roy Masters' radio program. I must admit I was shocked at first, but I listened.

Although some of his statements appear contradictory to traditional scientific beliefs, I sensed an underlying ring of Truth. I was intrigued and sent for the literature.

I was astounded to find how right-on his principles were and how they filled in the gap I had always felt was missing in modern medicine. Today's fundamental misconception that science is the Truth is clearly rectified by what Roy Masters teaches. The Foundation of Human Understanding has been a great help to me in my work with many difficult problem patients.

I must warn you, however, this book is not for everyone.
Albert R. MacKenzie, M.D.

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