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Chapter 1
Hate Your Parents, Hurt Your Kids

Let's face the facts and take a good, hard look at where all your troubles began -- in your home! The great majority of parents are completely deranged, if not criminally insane. At the very least, they have a streak of madness in them a mile long. For the most part, parents are impossible, confusing, dangerous creatures with whom to deal. There is only one cure, which, if it doesn't help your parents, will at least help you. That cure is love.

Love is what most parents need more than anything in this world. They were never given love when they were young, because their parents didn't have any to give. In fact, the present miserable, loveless state of humanity can be traced all the way back to antiquity, to the original failing of a man to extend a correcting love toward a woman. Adam might have said, "Eve, don't tempt. Be a good girl and put that apple down." But he didn't. One man's failing resulted in mankind being born under the tyranny of unloved and unloving authorities. We are infected with fear, hate and madness from the day we are born. There is no escape except through love. But because no one has real love to give, we are hurt and confused about what love is.

It seems strange to say that children need to love their parents, because tradition has it the other way around. But what if the love from which children need to draw is nowhere to be found? Then, maturing to the role of parents ourselves, what are we to do? Are we doomed forever because we have never known love and therefore cannot give it? Of course not! The truth is that the love you are seeking comes more from loving others than from being loved yourself. It must be the kind of love that does not expect to be loved in return.

Ninety-nine and nine-tenths percent of all parents were emotionally crippled in their formative years. They had violent, impatient or sticky sweet parents who "laid a trip" on them which rendered them incapable of extending love to their children. The emotional traumas of childhood not only psychologically blocked your parents' ability to love you, but also compelled them to pass a kind of mental burden on to you. They have been driven to set you upon a path from which all your problems arise: problems with your parents, yourself, your own family and with all the world. You are so caught up in your mind with the struggle that you now find yourself behaving just as inhumanly toward your offspring as your parents did to you, and their parents did to them.

How could your parents not be impatient? ...

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