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The Foundation's best-selling primer for overcoming stress, addiction, fear and the roots of illness. The technique detailed by Roy Masters helps instruct you in the practice of becoming objective to your thoughts and feelings, which results in an awakened, natural flow of understanding, clarity of thought, and effortless action, while resolving emotional upset and worry.

Most of us are the sum total of our experiences, but another way of saying this is that we are burdened down and bothered by our past. Unless we learn to respond properly in the present moment, the present becomes merely an extension of that burdensome past.

Roy Masters, author of this persuasive self-help book, describes a remarkably simple technique to help us face life properly, calmly. He shows us that it is the way we respond emotionally to pressures that makes us sick and depressed.

By leading us back to our center of dignity and understanding and showing us how to apply one simple principle, Roy Masters shows us how to remain sane, poised and tranquil under the most severe trials and tribulations.

Roy Masters has nothing less to offer you than the secret of life itself -- how to get close to yourself and find your lost identity, the true self you have lost in the confusion.


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