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This book is a survival manual, leading you step by step towards becoming free from the subconscious pressures of your life. Beyond Socrates, beyond Freud, Roy Masters brings you face to face with the reality of your own being. Will you dare to see the truth?
Teresa Bahder, M.A., Clinical Psychologist, Princeton, New Jersey

The red pill - or the blue? May 10, 2003
Reviewer: "tlhall93" (Louisville, CO, United States)

In the first few pages of the book, Roy Masters shows how virtually every one of us lives our entire life in a hypnotic state. As if this isn't humiliating enough, he then goes on in over a dozen chapters to show exactly how this is so in every major area of our lives - interpersonal relationships, personal habits and addictions, and even in our approaches to religion. Once you get started reading this book, you'll either declare Roy Masters to be a mad man and throw the book away, or you'll at last see yourself as you truly are, and begin to awaken from a life-long dream.

August 2, 2000
Reviewer: Lilien Runje (Rohnert Park, CA USA)

All I can say is BUY THIS NOW! If you don't have the money call 1-800-877-3227 and Roy Masters will give it to you for FREE. This will change your being, your mind and your views on what you thought was TRUE in the whole world. You will see yourself like you've never seen yourself before and you will be terrified and yet very aware and happy to know what an IDIOT you've been all your life. Listen to Roy on the radio, too. He will change your life! This is not a joke!

Highly recommend
Reviewer: Tom - Colorado

This is the first of Roy's books that I read, and what lead me to the FHU. I ordered it after hearing a commercial for the book on the radio. I was intrigued by the theme.

It was the most unusual book I'd ever read. It seemed to have no real organization to it, but I couldn't put it down, either! Like all of Roy's books that I've read, it's great to just pick up and open anywhere and start reading.

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