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How is it that a stage hypnotist can take normal, well-dressed, educated people, and quickly take control of their minds? Under his spell they will bark like dogs, crow like roosters, forget their own names, become convinced they are Napoleon -- in short, they will act out whatever is suggested to them.

Could it be that these people are ALREADY hypnotized? In order for a person to so easily come under the hypnotist's spell, mustn't he already be, to some degree, in a hypnotic state? Is it possible that the same processes employed by the stage hypnotist are also operating in our daily lives, influencing us in ways we neither see nor understand? Could this be the cause of many of our problems?

In "The Hypnosis of Life," author Roy Masters, a former professional hypnotist, explores the mysteries of our early conditioning, and shows how it affects our present behavior. Reading this book will most certainly be an awakening experience.

For over 30 years, Roy Masters has been a nationally recognized expert on stress. At one of his popular "Hypnosis of Life" seminars he vividly demonstrates to his audience how they have been hypnotized by life's pressures, and how they can become free by conquering their negative reactions to stress.

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