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Doubts about the "Big Bang" theory?
If you are into reading books about theoretical physics and cosmology this book will be a real treat. You will see a whole new prespective on the origin and laws that govern the universe. Have doubts about the "Big Bang" theory? Then read this book for some new ideas.
03/26/2006 - by Tim Thomas from VA, US

A really nice book.
The book “Finding God in Physics” is a quite typical attempt (see for example – Haitun S.D. “My Ideas”, AGAR, Moscow, 1998) to apply mankind’s knowledge in physics for answering the question which each person earlier or later faces; if the world has been built accordingly to some principles then what are those principles, who is the Architect and what is our role in that project.

It makes no surprise that the author sincerely believes that the Architect exists, we know a lot of examples of people educated in natural sciences who come to that idea. It seems to us that the complication and harmony of the world turns each person forward to that assumption. Then one can resist or accept it but everybody is aware of this choice problem…

But we have read the book from the beginning to the end and were very pleased following the author’s train of thoughts, because the questions discussed in the book are always very interesting to discuss even not sticking to hard and fast rules of scientific discussion. And we believe it is the good natured and unhurried style of thinking without any attempts to give the reader the universal solution of all the problems in the world including sociology and politics that makes “Finding God in Physics” by Roy Masters a really nice book. It makes us think about things which we many years had no time to think about. Reading it is like speaking to a clever and unordinary person. However we share Immanuel Kant’s opinion that there could not be any logical proof of God’s being or not being.

Petr V. Grigoriev Ph.D., General Physics Institute ( Moscow),
Nick N. Bogdanov Ph.D., Institute of Higher Nervous Activity and Neurophysiology
(Moscow) - Russian Academy of Sciences

Science is not Daunting
Physics is a seemingly daunting subject for most people to take on. Yet the average person will find this book to be the type of teaching instrument that would make many want to go back to school. The average lay person may even wish to jump right to the Conclusion and Afterward to read, what to me, was one of the most beautiful and heartwarming things I have ever read. These two chapters bring tears to my eyes each time I read them.

This entire text brought God into science and my brought a spirit to the things I can see and touch. The work itself is an open challenge to the status quo and undoubtedly will be met with some disdain from most intellectual types. But Masters has gone beyond them with his open and gentle style, reaching directly to the people much as Ronald Reagan did bypassing their so-called instructors and authorities. This is a book to give as a gift....this is a book that offers the reader answers to his or her life.

03/22/2006 - by Al Fulchino from Hollis, NH

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