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A Journey Across the Universe

By Roy Masters

Did the universe begin with the big bang? Is time still flowing, expanding out from the big bang center of the universe, as they say, and if so, then how so? Moreover, what is the continued source of this fount? What is it that keeps time flowing from just one explosive event, and when will time run out?

Big bang proponent, British theoretical physicist Steven Hawking said that time will eventually reverse, collapse back upon its origin, and implode inward towards its beginning by some unknown gravitational force. This, he says, will cause time to run backwards, assumedly carrying the universe with it, compressing it all back into one huge clump of hot infinite density.

If time is going to run backwards, will people rise from the grave and become young again, go back into their mother's womb, folding into one another all the way back to the first generation of men and women? Will humans telescope back into the primordial slime from which they supposedly emerged? Will the earth boil back into boiling lava, collapse, and finally compress with the rest of the universe into that big clump of infinitely hot and small density -- and then silence? Yes, they say, and I say to them, you have to be kidding!

If time were to stop flowing from its beginning, the entire universe would vanish in a twinkling of an eye. Everything: light, heat, stars, galaxies, would "pop" out of existence without so much as a puff -- back into the frozen massless dimensionless solid of nothingness from whence the universe came, before God said, "Let there be..."

The universe came from what appears to be "nothing." If it did derive from an exploding hot dense and infinitely small mass, it begs an unanswerable question. With this book there is no need to guess the answer; systematically we shall back engineer cause-and-effect to a startling uncaused other-dimensional cause. Common sense tells us that every beginning needs a beginner -- the cause that also sustains its effect. Science requires an absolute relative unmoved mover for all relative motions.

Presented here a new theory that flies in the face of conventional scientific wisdom, which is, that time flows from another-dimensional origin, and in a sinusoidal fashion orbits around its beginner. Time, or more correctly, space-time, will be shown to be nonmaterial primordial energy from which the smallest particles of matter are spun out like little eddies in a stream of water.

If there is time, there should be a timeless relative, a place of absolute rest, out of which the creation event flows -- the precursor to time itself. From this pre-time force, is born simultaneously, all four forces of nature, gravity being the main focus of this writing.

The universe is alive and infused with the perpetual flow of energy that, once proved empirically, will make science and religion inseparable. As important, we shall discover an abundant source of free energy for all. The very idea of a limitless energy source is a fantastic concept to most people, and yet, once proven, there is a more wondrous realization right behind such a discovery -- an endless source of energy in the universe. What you are about to read takes Einstein's theory one-step beyond, in that it brings back the possibility of an ether field. Einstein himself said if there were such a thing as ether, it would need to be nonmaterial -- this researcher wholeheartedly agrees.

What I am endeavoring to do here is what I've done before when writing on different subjects. I am again going on a journey of discovery, this time with you, to prove that anyone can be taught from their indwelling spirit, and I want you to come along. You be the judge as to whether it can be done or not. I want to show that it is far more joyful and meaningful to discover almost everything for oneself. Self discovery is far superior to having one's head stuffed like a sausage skin, ready to be regurgitated back to some pedigreed human mentor.

Knowledge discovered possesses an extra-dimensional meaning -- a life-force growth factor. Conventional learning or remembering does not inform us perfectly; rather it out-forms our character, often changing us into sleepwalking automatons.

Life then is not so much a matter of conventional learning and memorizing bone-dry facts; it is more like remembering--rediscovering--what we have forgotten and then unfolding from the process of unearthing what lies hidden within, awaiting the inbreathing of every precious moment of awakening.

Academic knowledge, while being intellectually similar, is like death warmed over by comparison -- like eating dry straw. This is not to imply that we cannot acquire certain useful facts -- indeed, we need both forms of knowledge, but we need to understand what we know. Ideally, it is preferable for knowledge to flow from the understanding of personal discovery.

I have always known there is something seriously wrong with pressure rote learning, the way it robs people of vitality, and blocks the wonders of discovery. I've seen how it dulls minds and hearts with recorded messages, often of dubious value.

This work is about the magic of rediscovering; learning by way of an inner teacher, beyond the human counterpart. Share the joy and come with me if you will on this journey through both inner and outer space. See how such a path leads to the complete joy of knowledge and understanding. If this were not so, it would not be the quality of living knowledge (understanding) that we are seeking, and from which we ought to be remolded through our minds from within.

Understanding is what the Declaration of Independence calls self-evident truth, testifying to all truths encoded in language, solidified and sculpted in science and in creation. All education requires both forms of knowing, least we become neurotic, lopsided and filled with intellectual arrogance.

The trouble with language is that it is only one-dimensional. A computer can learn as well as people, maybe even better. A computer can speak, but can never understand what it says, nor ever experience the understanding that could make that computer human. With all the information in its memory, a computer cannot make true judgments. But human beings are unique; we are capable of two ways of receiving two sources of instruction. Whatever we know we can verify intuitively -- that is, if our education has not numbed us to reality.

It is as though we have two minds, one with an electrochemical capacity for absorbing facts -- the finite mind that falls apart at the grave. The other mind is the observing entity; the enlightened consciousness with an infinite capacity to filter out the superfluous and hold fast to the path that is true. Beyond the observing thinker there is a third source, a presence that gives the thinker that quiet wordless knowing (without knowing why he or she knows). This is the mystery by which all who trust this knowing live, and is called faith.

Ordinary knowledge -- rote learning -- enters our experience through our physical senses by way of a teacher. However, that special way of knowing, called intuition, can enter through our mind into our brain without benefit of any educational sources whatsoever, just from that inner guide that wordlessly testifies to the observing soul whether any fact presented to our senses is true or false. The intellect can not of itself know whether or not anything is true. Your consciousness, when enlightened, is gifted to discern wordlessly true from false.

The ideal is for a noble teacher or parent to guide us with truthful language to the threshold of the wordless realm where we experience the sweetness of awakening -- that "breath of fresh air" called understanding. Such experience is knowledge made alive.

The spoken word should always bear witness to the self-evident wordless inner way, the knowing made alive that sets us free from the bondage to dry words. Life is not so much learning as it should be remembering what we were born to rem
ember -- recalling what we have forgotten often because of academic pressures.

The fruit of the poison tree (conventional knowledge) is fully capable of guiding us to that place within; alas, it is also capable of entangling and beguiling us, and becoming our only source of knowing. Herein lay terrible dangers.

Too much of any kind of knowledge, too soon, emotionally imbibed, out-shouts common sense and puffs up the ego like a king cobra, and puts it to sleep to the reality that God has prepared for those that love him

We are taught by various theologians, and read in the Bible, that there is a God, but that is something like living in a dark cave, reading about the sun by candlelight. You learn that the sun is round and warm and gives radiant light like the candle flame. So then, one day you leave that cave and experience the sun’s exhilarating warmth upon your skin and the fragrance and beauty of the flowers and trees. What a difference from merely reading about it in a book. Reading about God is intellectually good, but not good enough -- it is not complete. When true knowledge leads you to understanding, ordinary rote knowledge is no more -- its job is done, the inner teacher takes over and remolds you through your mind from within.

Psychologist Carl Jung said of this kind of complete knowledge, that to truly understand a problem, is to be divested of it. To truly experience the inner light is healing. Enlightened understanding is the ultimate behavior modifier from within, giving new meaning and direction to science.
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