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A SIMPLE THEORY: Despite the explosion of knowledge in the last few decades, much of physics still remains a mystery. We know little of how the universe really works, or how it came into existence. Fundamentals escape us -- such as the actual cause of gravity. Even the behavior of light leaves us perplexed. For example, why does light maintain a constant speed? What regulates it? Why does it slow down as it passes through a crystal and then speed up on the other side? What energizes it? These are only a few of the exciting mysteries which Roy Masters brilliantly tackles in Finding God in Physics: Einstein's Missing Relative.

EINSTEIN'S REMARKABLE JOURNEY: Einstein himself struggled to understand light, gravity, and time, profoundly questioning the physics of his day. Yes, he startled the world with his Theory of Relativity, but even Einstein failed in his most passionate quest -- to find God in physics. Throughout his life he sought a "unified field theory" because he refused to believe in a chaotic, meaningless universe. Einstein was convinced there existed a unifying principle -- a single theory containing the cosmic operating system. He believed this system would be both "simple and beautiful," and that it would profoundly reveal the hand of the Master Craftsman, the Unifier of all physics.

THE MISSING RELATIVE: The little book is an adventure in understanding Einstein's missing Relative -- the truth about the unified field that eluded Einstein but in which he still passionately believed. Roy Masters seeks here to give answers, both simple and beautiful, to those many questions that occupy the searching imaginations of cosmologists and physicists all over the world. Can a simple theory provide the keys to a new understanding of physics? Stay tuned.

A HOLISTIC COSMOS: With Masters' unified theory, the mysterious phenomena of gravity, light, and time suddenly become organic parts of a holistic system. Coherence takes the place of isolated scientific theory and, happily, we find ourselves at home in a very personal universe containing a time force that creates gravity, regulates light, and much, much more. All those who meditate on the meaning of life cannot help but be touched in the deepest possible way by this book. Here science and religion combine as we gain faith in the Creator by witnessing His spectacular creation as it unfolds out of nothing.
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