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What you are looking for in the refrigerator is in this book! Eat No Evil explains why diets don't work and explains our emotional relationship with life's influences through the food we eat.

Being overweight is not a problem in itself. It's the symptom of a deeper problem. Surely you have noticed that every time you get upset you tend to overeat. The reason for this is twofold. On the one hand it provides escape from the guilt you feel from allowing your emotions to have their way with you. On the other hand, the very act of eating, offers a spiritual renewal of "life."

All compulsive behavior provides us that escape and renewal. Compulsions arise from our wrong reactions to the day-to-day problems of life. We see gross manifestations of this in anorexia [anorexia nervosa-"pathological fear of weight gain"] and bulimia ["the abnormal and constant craving for food"]. Mostly it is fear of facing reality that drives us to stuff ourselves. At other times it is fear of people. After all, if you're bigger than anyone, who would dare to attack you? The man who is bigger and taller and heavier than his associates knows that he is no more likely to be challenged physically than is an elephant, so he equates size with security.

Women, on the other hand, are often so afraid of attracting the wrong kind of attention from men that they eat to make themselves less attractive to the opposite sex. It is not surprising that so many fat women have been "blessed" with extraordinarily beautiful features. Beauty attracts attention -- a beautiful woman can no more slip through her day unnoticed than can a movie star, and very often she just doesn't know how to handle all the attention. So she eats and eats and eats to keep away predators. The fatter she gets, the safer she feels.

As long as we respond emotionally, we have no real control over the growing legion of our compulsions, but the fact remains that we can whip all our problems, regardless of whether they stem from simple daily upsets or from more complicated childhood traumas that have driven us to seek mother substitutes. Simply by learning how to be patient, surrender our ego goals and obsessive ambitions, daily resentments and frustrations subside and happiness occurs.

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