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Everyone runs away from pain into comfort of some kind. The problem is when you get comfort your problems still exist and now you have yet another problem: You have become addicted to escaping.

Every mistake you have ever made is the result of your lack of awareness. You are unaware because you do not possess the special knowledge that enables you to see clearly how you are reacting, and what you are doing as a result.

This special knowledge is a gift from our Creator, given to us as we abandon our selfish, egocentric desire to make ourselves little controlling gods and seek instead to understand what He want for us. Understanding literally means to stand under or among, hence to comprehend. Because you lack understanding, which can prevent you from making one tragic blunder after another, you life is a series of mistakes; you are miserable.

But how-where-do you find understanding? You cannot glean it from people or from books, although they may lead you to it. Understanding is mysteriously present as you give up being ambitious, greedy, impatient, and yearn to know the true purpose of your existence.

If you were in your center of understanding, you would realize what your basic problem is: In a state of egotism, you want to impose your will on life, rather than seek to know the will of your Creator. Willing is an act of ego -- as much as willing not to will.

Once you realize and accept the truth of this principle, your problems will dissolve, and your anxieties vanish. If you are able to give up by degree willing things to happen; and move through life without verbalizing and naming everything.

If you want to discover how to observe a beautiful scenery without affirming to yourself, "what a beautiful scenery." You will learn to look at a flower without saying to yourself, "that is a flower."

The danger of reducing everything to a verbal of visual image, you are blocking yourself from seeing the origin of a reality beyond the image or word. Unfortunately, most people reduce not only things, but also people and events to images frozen in our memory.

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