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Roy Masters is a Genius of Human Nature. February 17, 2006
Reviewer: R. Harris "Illuminate" (Schenectady, NY, USA)
Even though this book, "The Adam and Eve Sindrome," communicates those unique differences of men and women over and over ---differentially and comparatively-- it is precisely the repeating of those combinations of differences that makes this essay awaken the mind's eye, revealing a possibility that modern experimental humanist thinkers never will admit: Men are addicted to love (physical love). How we, as men, face this addiction and live as real human beings, again, is what this book reveals. Roy Masters is harsh and to the point in how real men should live in relation to women, and how real women respond to these real men. The "Adam and Eve Sindrome" is simple to read and makes an especially useful book for men who are dating, considering marriage or suffering from the "7-year-itch." You need to read this book and really understand you are not just an animal. Be as men should be. Don't pass up this book.

This Book Nails It. March 20, 2002
Reviewer: steve arnzen (DAYTON,KY.)
I've read this book as well as several others by Roy Masters.This book unlocks the secret truths about male/female relationships that have been lost for many, many, many generations.This is not a book for the casual reader. This book goes to a depth that NOTHING else in this shallow society could even attempt. If you want the usual "men & women are equal" pablum that is spewed forth in our society constantly, this book is not for you. It isn't politically correct at all. This book points out the futility of the way we are conditioned to practice that type of "love." But if you are a truth-seeking individual, male or female, you will find this book a welcome breath of fresh air that you may have searched for all your life. Roy Masters cracks the greatest mystery of all time and blows the lid off of all of our illusions on relationships. If you want to know the truth about relationships/sex/marriage, get this book NOW!

In the beginning, Adam just stood there and said nothing. July 29, 2001
Reviewer: A reader
I've read a number of Roy's books and have yet to see the topic of equality addressed by him. His idea of a right relationship between men and women begins with the man having a right relationship with his Father in the Heavens and then becoming a "god" of sorts to his wife, who can then follow this man. I'm sorry, Roy, but that doesn't work. The reason: many men have tremendous egos and if he does not keep up his "right relationship" with the Creator, he can easily become enamoured by the devotion and attention bestowed upon him by a trusting and sincere wife. Then, all hell can break loose. The male ego is a dangerous and demonic substance and cannot be trusted. Roy himself continually admonishes his listeners to be quiet and patient with people we know (especially our beloved family members). Then, when he receives a phone call on radio from someone who takes issue with his beliefs, Roy hastily and impatiently brushes off the questions by the telephone "disbeliever," and reveals beyond a shadow of a doubt that he does not practice what he himself preaches. He is not patient or kind with some telephone callers. And that's a shame.

I enjoy Roy's books, but there is a quality missing from them all: he refuses to place men and women on the same level. According to him, women should be subservient to a man who has a "right" relationship with God. I don't buy it anymore. Sorry, Roy. God created us equal. To God, we are equal. To Roy we are not. That's wrong thinking.

If you're looking for an author who exhibits great, in-depth spirituality, I would recommend anything by Leo Tolstoy, but in particular, "The Kingdom of God is Within," to begin your reading.

Unparalled insight into the workings of the soul. May 30, 1998
Reviewer: Joseph K. Cox - (Pennsylvainia)
Roy Masters sheds light on the universally mysterious man/woman relationships in this insightful book. You may come away with a restored marriage and and even a restoration of your faith in God. By discussing the parallels of the Adam and Eve account in Genesis with modern man, Roy Masters sheds light on the questions of why men and woman seem to be so much at odds with each other while at the same time in dire need for each other. He discusses the subtle underpinnings in the different ways in which men and women relate to their worlds. He discusses the causes of sexual frustrations and needs, abusive relationships, and the destruction of the family...This book is an anidote to the fashionable politically correct "Women are from Venus, Men are from Mars" psychobabble. Be warned...Mr. Masters' style can best be described as "flowing conversationalism" which can at times seem confusing and redundant...but if you will read closely and with an open may discover the peace and joy within your marriage and relationships that you have been searching for all your lives.

The "Adam and Eve Sindrome" was the first book I read by Roy Masters. I was 19 and in pure turmoil because of a bad relationship. I had no clue. I thought: you meet someone, you fall in love and live happily ever after. So, when my out-of-control problems started, I was living in pure hell and had no idea how to get out.

When I started reading the book, I was in awe...he was describing my relationship to a "T." I just cried so much. Waking up to the pain of my mistakes was almost too much to handle...but I couldn't put the book down. To be completely honest, "The Adam and Eve Sindrome" offered the knowledge, but changes did not occur until I paired it with the meditation, which I highly recommend. It helped me to think of the meditation as still, quiet time with God...

All I can say is that my life will never be the same. All of the things I thought I could never overcome...have left me through the meditation. Ultimately, it is up to you to be still and let truth transform you from within; however, if you are anything like I was--stuck in a bad relationship--this book will help start you on a journey that will help get you to that place of stillness. Pick the book up anywhere and read a little at a time; be still; then pass the book on to Goodwill. It may fall into the hands of some other searching soul.

Emma, Alabama

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