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The Adam & Eve Sindrome - 6 tapes
A truly wholesome relationship between a man and a woman seems hard to find these days. With the rate of divorce and family breakdown so high, how can a man or woman be assured of finding the right soul mate - or if already married, avoid the pain & suffering caused by marital failure. Without true love, couples can neither raise happy children nor find happeness themselves. This six-tape audio series will guide you through the maze of man-woman relationships and help you find true love. Order Special 6 Tape Pack

Confusing Women    Order Tapes or CDs    Download

Female Sexuality part 1 & 2    Order Tapes    Download

Homosexuality: The Cause    Order Tape or CD    Download

Man/Woman Relationship Pack (14 tapes)    Order Special 14 Tape Pack

Sex and Violence, Love and Hate    Order Tape or CD    Download

Sex and Self Respect (Roy & Terry Mathews)    Tape or CD    Download

The Truth About Sex    Order Tape or CD    Download

What They are Not Telling You About Teen-age Sex    Order Tape

How Your Mind Can Keep You Well
How Your Mind Can Keep You Well
Best-selling guide for overcoming stress, emotional upset and the related physical illnesses.
The Hypnosis of Life
The Hypnosis of Life
Step-by-step guide to becoming free from the subconscious pressures of your life.
How to Conquer Negative Emotions How to Conquer Negative Emotions
Explains how to resolve the effects of trauma conditioning.
Finding God in Physics Finding God in Physics
Enlightened understanding is the ultimate behavior modifier from within, giving new meaning and direction to science.
How to Survive Your Parents How to Survive Your Parents
Learn how to develop honest, positive relationships--both with your parents and with your children.
The Secret Power of Words The Secret Power of Words
This book explains how to break the spell.
Eat No Evil Eat No Evil
Find out how to defeat what it is that drives us to overeat.
Understanding Sexuality Understanding Sexuality
The answers to your questions are in this revolutionary book on relationships.
The Adam & Eve SINdrome The Adam & Eve SINdrome
Guide to recognizing, understanding, and avoiding the mistakes that lead to broken hearts, homes and health.
Secrets of a Parallel Universe Secrets of a Parallel Universe
Mastery of what causes fear and anxiety is the way to true fulfillment in life and the key to success in family and career.
Surviving the Comfort Zone Surviving the Comfort Zone
When you get comfort by escaping, your problems still exist, and now you have yet another problem.
Beyond the Known Beyond the Known
Those willing to break free from their past limitations will find a powerful assist in this insightful book.
How to Conquer Suffering Without Doctors How to Conquer Suffering Without Doctors
Understand the hidden connection between physical, psychological and emotional suffering.