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There is a special reason why I do not write here about natural love; rather, I expose the seductive, unnatural, deceptive "love" for what it is, in order to dispel its manipulative power. Reading this, you might feel disturbed, personally threatened. You may even think, this man is crazy! If this happens, there can be only two explanations; either I am mad, or my revelations have touched a raw nerve.

Most of us take special pride in our sensitivities, our compassion, our needs and great capacity for love. Now along I come, saying all that is weakness, foolishness -- worse -- downright dangerous! Human love as we know it and as handed down to us is the root of all human misery! Here I claim that our attractions and needs are, in reality, blind compulsions, the aftereffects of some distant trauma. Like moths to the flame, we are drawn into the intricate seductions of hell; and out of that, we evolve those enslaving, debilitating, and agonizing thoughts and passions which at first blush we think of as love.

The disturbing disclosures in this work may cause you to deny or misconstrue what I am trying to say, to judge me as the supreme put-down artist. But I say that in order to reveal the truth, it is necessary to poke holes in the sacred cows of established -- but false -- beliefs.

Therefore, in this work I do not tell you what love or truth is, as much as expose what it is not. My purpose is to lead you beyond the painful realization of what a fool for "love" you have been. Thus forarmed, you can shrink from the next mistake you are poised to make and go on to experience the true fulfillment you are seeking.

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