Secrets of a Parallel Universe              Stress: Are You Coping or Failing?

themselves with the illusion of power and glory to be found in a bottle or a shot in the arm. The pressure that drives them continues to reinforce the inner evil. even though their new behavior patterns might be making them look good on the surface. Every egotistical soul is hung up on appearances. wanting all the attributes of virtue. grace, and piety. but only on the. surface.
     In the process of being prideful and maintaining a separate existence as our own god. apart from God. we all try to avoid seeing ourselves as we are by escaping into illusions. And we never have to look very far to find some imp of Satan who will be only too happy to help us with our self-deception.    
     Is that the way you want to go? If so. don't look to me for help. I'm looking for those who want to wake up and shake the dust of the dream world fantasies off their feet. those who want to lay down their sick ego-life and take on a spiritual life. As the Good Book says. "Whosoever shall preserve his (ego) life shall lose his (spiritual) life."
     I am begging you all. before tragedy descends upon you. if it hasn't already: Know the reason for your suffering. See that you are living under a system of things, and that under this system nothing can ever go right for you. Under a system that glorifies your right to react to stress with resentment. you can never make a right decision. No noble instinct can stir in your heart. unless it springs from the prompting of conscience that you find so unwelcome in your present state of allegiance to the world.
     Good is an impulse that springs from the innermost being. and you will never know true happiness until you become the extension of that impulse. As long as you live in your imagination. you will be unable to respond to that impulse; neither can you know its Source.


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